Company Pride: Top Energy Conserving Companies in the Nation

Company Pride: Top Energy Conserving Companies in the Nation


Several companies in the United States are striving to conserve energy while manufacturing products or providing services these days. This makes a huge impact on preventing pollution that harms the earth’s soil, water, and air. Industries wanting to change the use of energy while manufacturing products can hire experts to evaluate a factory or building. These are some of the top conservers in the country and what they are doing differently.  

Ameresco Energy Company

The Ameresco Energy Company located in Framingham, Mass. They believe in sustainable, clean, and green methods to protect the environment. This business provides services for a variety of industries in Canada and the United States to analyze and improve the use of power. Customers can receive information to change lighting to reduce electrical usage, or build a nearby power system to save energy. 

Starbucks Coffee Company

Starbucks Coffee Company headquartered in Seattle set a goal in 2008 to reduce consumption of electricity in restaurants worldwide. This business begins by building coffeehouses with environmentally friendly methods to avoid waste. Each store then follows a daily regimen of using recyclable serving ware such as reusable cups and plates. Restaurants are equipped with water saving devices in food preparation areas and bathrooms. 

LFG Technologies

This landfill gas energy company is based in Michigan and focuses on building technologies for making energy from landfill gas. With specialized collection equipment, methane gas, radioactive chemicals, and mercury are contained, instead of leaching into the soil, water and air. Because there are numerous landfills in the United States, landfill gas has become a huge environmental issue that requires a solution. 

CLEAResult Company

The CLEAResult Company located in Austin, Texas believes in changing the way people use energy in agricultural, institutional, and industrial environments. Experts from this business can help design new facilities or improve older structures to conserve energy by using specialized appliances or plumbing devices. In addition to making structural changes to buildings, speakers are available to talk to employees about conserving energy. 

Cenergistic Company

Any business can hire the Cengergistic Company located in Dallas to assist with conserving energy to protect the environment, while also saving money. Environmental engineers from this business can visit schools, medical facilities, and retail establishments to design an environmentally friendly building that uses less water and fuel. A complete on-site evaluation can lead to a business that produces less waste to protect the environment. 

Environmentalists want everyone, including large industries to find ways to avoid polluting with waste such as metals, chemicals and gases. We can all do our part at work and at home to reverse the damaging effects of industry on our world environment.



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