Higher Standard: How Should My Company Treat Injured Employees?

Higher Standard: How Should My Company Treat Injured Employees?


An injury in the workplace can cause chaos. Many business owners do not know how to react when an employee is suddenly injured on the job. You need to act according to the highest standards in this situation. Your company should be treating injured employees in a few ways.

Be Compassionate and Understanding After Injuries

The first and most important step is to always be compassionate and understanding when injuries occur. You need to consider the wellbeing and safety of the injured employee when the incident happens. Make certain the individual gets professional medical attention right away before you start recording eyewitness reports. Do not be adversarial even if you think it was the employee’s fault. Compassionate behavior will go a long way.

Provide Training to Employees

The next step is to provide training to employees after an injury occurs. You optimally want to include the injured person in this training when the worker returns. The training should address the causes of the injury and any weaknesses in the safety protocols that were discovered later. Formal training can help to prevent workplace injuries and keep employees safe.

Make Accommodations for Injured Workers Who Are Returning

There is a good chance that an injured employee will want to return to the job. The person might want to come back before the injury is fully healed. The individual might even have a partial disability. You want to make accommodations for injured workers who are returning. Assign the person tasks that can be done with the injury to keep the individual in the workforce and to minimize future problems.

Examine and Improve Workplace Safety

You are going to want to review and improve workplace safety. Go through the entire business and not just one isolated area. Review safety procedures and policies. Scrutinize safety equipment and on-site hazards. Make changes that will remove or minimize the risk of injuries to employees. Workplace safety has to be a top priority for any business.

Review Workers’ Compensation Claims Carefully

A final step is to review any workers’ compensation claims carefully. Be sure that the claim accurately describes what happened and is reasonable. Dispute issues in the claim that do not make sense by going through the proper channels. You might need to get lawyers in New Jersey or other locales involved if things start to get contentious between the injured employee and the business.

You always want to be thinking about workplace safety. If an injury happens, then you must act decisively to get the employee help and to protect the other workers. Knowing how to treat an injured employee will reduce the chance of problems in the future.



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