How Can You Make Customers More Happy And Comfortable When Visiting Your Office?

How Can You Make Customers More Happy And Comfortable When Visiting Your Office?
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    There are many things you can do to make your customers feel comfortable and happy while they are in your office.


It’s true that a customer that is happy from the very beginning is already on your side, so it’s important to do everything you can to make your future clients feel like they are valued and to give them amenities to enjoy. What’s so great about outfitting an office for the customer experience is that there are simple things you can do to make your waiting area more inviting and efficient. Here are simple ways to make your customers happy and looking forward to their next visit to your business:

Set Up Distractions

Think about why your customer is in your office and if it would be helpful to give them a distraction. This is especially helpful for doctor’s offices and dentist’s practices because these are natural places where people feel a little anxiety or fear. Make sure your office has at least one television. If you don’t have a television, pipe soothing music through your office speakers. Provide electrical outlets at chairs, much like airports, so customers can plug in and use their smartphones. Provide Wi-Fi for free. Use a mix of simple distractions to make your customers feel at home in your office.

Provide Refreshments

Consider setting up a water cooler that dispenses both hot and cold water, as well as a coffee maker that uses pods. Set out a basket of tea bags and cream and sugar. You’ll also want to provide a basket of snacks or a vending machine with soft drinks and popular snacks. Getting used vending machines can make a big difference in the office for both employees and customers. Give your customers something to munch on as they wait, and they’ll feel satisfied when it’s time to address the reason they’ve stepped through your doors.

Set Up a Kid’s Play Area

Many customers travel with their kids, so it’s helpful to set up a simple play area with games, toys and books so that the children can congregate their while their parents take a rest, while still keeping an eye on them, nearby. Your customers will greatly appreciate that there is an option both for them and for their children. Keep in mind that you will have to maintain a kid’s play area a little differently than a standard waiting room. You’ll need to sanitize the items in the play area every day to decrease the risk of spreading bacteria. To make it easier, provide a reading station with a basket of books, a convertible train table for playing with trains or drawing and being artistic. You also might consider setting up an area for the children to watch an educational video on a small television. Be creative and stay within your budget.

In conclusion, remember that you don’t have to spend a fortune on your waiting area to make it comfortable and inviting. The key really is to provide comfort through simple things. With a little creativity, you’ll be well on your way to making your clients happy, and even a little healthy, just minutes after walking through your doors.



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