Hints on Keeping Your Commercial Property Organized and Clean

Hints on Keeping Your Commercial Property Organized and Clean


Imagine working in a filthy environment: dirty tiles, cluttered desk and a stink that attacks your nostrils from the very second you enter your office. Furthermore, add a bunch of empty cans of soda and printed-out pieces of paper with all sorts of notes and comments on them. Finally, top it all off with a heavy stale smell coming from your floor that probably has not been cleaned in months. Would you like to work in such a place?

Do you think these surroundings will make you productive, efficient, motivated and goal-oriented? Will your employees like spending time here and will your business flourish if you try to run it in such conditions? Since we spend the better time of the day in our offices, we better make sure they are clean, neat and up to the highest hygienic standard. Here are a few ideas how to achieve that when it comes to paperwork and dusting.

The Importance

While explaining why clean space is necessary feels more than obsolete, you would be surprised how many dingy offices can be easily found all over the world. People just do not pay attention to details, and dirt keeps piling.

Moreover, a clean and neatly-organized office is good for all parties involved – yourself, your colleagues, employees and, maybe most importantly, potential partners, investors and clients. Nobody will want to work with the guy operating from a stinky office. Therefore, do not wait until tomorrow or next week, but do something today: start small, inspire your employees to clean their own units and make a change bit by bit.

Paperwork Equals Extra Work

We rarely need all the paperwork we have lying around the offices. All those reports, predictions, plans and drafts could have easily been transferred via e-mail instead of having been printed. Our society prints too much and that is more than paradoxical – we advocate forest preservation, yet we destroy it to get paper; we support technical advancements, but we do not use their full potential.

A cluttered desk is a big problem whose dangers can be solved, but it will only work if everyone does their share. First of all, identify problem areas – desks, file cabinets, organizers, etc. – and separate what you need from what you do not need. Out of all the papers in an average office, at least 75% is unnecessary. By paying attention to the paper waste, you will achieve a twofold goal: reduction is always good for the budget and you will be supporting the global green initiative. Finally, look into recycling paper instead of throwing it away, as it saves both money and paper.


This is probably the most important, yet most ignored issue – dust affects our health in more ways than one and a lot of illnesses can be traced to it. That is why people with bronchitis, asthma and other diseases of the respiratory system should never work in a dusty environment. Furthermore, there is no less professional sight than a sofa or desk full of dust.

What you need to do regarding this issue is opt for the most effective cleaning options available to you. Not everyone can hire a professional cleaning service week after week, but using an efficient commercial steam cleaner is more than affordable today and it brings noticeable results. Providing you complete cleanliness using an ecologically-aware method, this type of cleaning is sure to satisfy everyone’s needs.

Other Problem Areas

No matter how big an office you work in is, there is always something that can be addressed and areas that are not entirely clean. Among the most problematic ones are restrooms with their sinks, toilets and floors, but do not forget elevators and cafeterias. You do not have to walk around with a mop every single day, but make a system, introduce it to your staff and commit to it on a daily basis to keep your office clean, professional and presentable.



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