How the Safety of Your Employees Impacts Your Profits

How the Safety of Your Employees Impacts Your Profits


Employee Safety Impacts Productivity Too

You may be looking at employee safety as just a legal requirement. But the fact remains that it has a huge impact on your sales figures too. After all, safety is not about physical well-being only but your mental happiness too. A happy employee translates into higher productivity, leading to better sales for your business.

Physical safety

This would include providing grill on windows and railings on stairs.

In addition, based on the kind of work, safety goggles and helmets must be provided. They must be protected from harmful chemicals and machinery too.

Harmful co-workers

Typically companies tend to ignore this segment. Businesses have to recognize any kind of abnormal behavior in their employees. Violent or depressed people are a major threat who can harm their colleagues.

In addition, any kind of conflict in the workplace must be resolved as soon as possible. In case it is left as it is, it may lead to serious consequences later on.

Providing comfortable working conditions

Usually companies wish to derive maximum productivity from their employees. But they need to focus on the safety of their employees too.

  • There should be comfortable office timings. This would ensure that employees are able to sleep well and be able to provide their best at the workplace.
  • Office furniture should be comfortable enough so that there are no instances of back pain, shoulder pain, eye strain and so on.
  • Provide the right kind of temperature in the office. Once people are physically comfortable, they would be able to perform better.

Emotional health

In case your people are sad or stressed, they are more likely to meet with accidents. So in case you find anyone feeling low, ask the HR to go and talk to that person.

In addition, continually organize stress relieving workshops in the office. Organize social events and celebrate festivals together. Try to bring your workers together. The aim behind all this is to keep your employees happy and promote team spirit. It is common sense that happy employees work better and help to enhance profitability for your business.

Provide proper food and resting conditions

  • Provide a clean canteen to your employees. Provide them adequate and clean drinking water.
  • Have a well-ventilated office.
  • Have a sick bay where employees can rest for a while if not feeling too well.
  • Keep a first aid box in close vicinity.

Having a safe workplace and ensuring employee safety helps to enhance the profitability of your business. In addition, it will help to make you the employer of choice.

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