Sensible Water Management in Your Office

Sensible Water Management in Your Office


Even with the increasing number of environmentally responsible businesses, there are some office habits that don’t seem to change, and one of them is poor water rationalization. This is especially true of companies with a stable H2O supply situated in regions where staff never experienced health hazards and other discomforts that go hand in hand with chronic water shortages.

In a world where water is becoming new oil, every organization needs to minimize H2O and energy waste and maximize resource efficiency, and here are some convenient tips on how to achieve this goal without compromising workflow.

Use low-flow faucet and shower tools

To ensure sustainable water management at work, outfit faucets and showers with low-flow restrictors. Standard faucets use up to 2.2 gallons of water per running minute, whereas their counterparts with low-flow add-ons emit by over 30% lower flow, which can make a big difference in companies where H2O is essential to the line of business, such as restaurants or pubs. Similarly, modern water-efficient toilers use 2 gallons per flush, which is by over 50% less than regular ones.

Install water-efficient tools and equipment

One more strategy for achieving sustainable resource usage in corporate restrooms and break rooms, water-saving equipment can halve your utility bills and H2O waste, tell us at LPZ Plumbing Services. Though their price is relatively higher compared to traditional water fixtures, eco-friendly alternatives are a better option in the long run as you’ll save the price difference through lower utility expenses – and they’re far more beneficial for the planet as well.

Cut landscape water waste

However appealing a verdant lawn in front of an office building may be, outdoor water use should be minimized if your business is to shift to a sensible water consumption policy. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to drop landscaping altogether – rather than going all brick and pavement, opt for plant varieties that require less water or install a rain collector and an irrigation system with flow control features to supply your greenery with the vital H2O.

Get a water audit for your business

Major global companies are coming to terms with the need for saving water, and one of the instruments they resort to in their pursuit for resource sustainability are specialized water audits. Such audits analyze individual companies’ water consumption and identify workflow practices and potentially risky water fixtures where H2O waste could be reduced or eliminated through use of low-flow equipment or leak repairs.

Inform employees and launch water-saving campaigns

Every employee in a company uses water at least once a day, which is why you should consider providing your staff with carefully laid-out water scarcity leaflets and information brochures. Launching water-saving office initiatives, campaigning for sustainable H2O management ideas and distributing rewards for conscientious resource consumption may also help make your business greener, to say nothing of the financial aspect of the endeavor.

Your business may not be bleeding money on utilities, but it may still be leaking the world’s most precious asset nowadays. There’s no life without light, energy and water – and it’s up to every individual and organization to do all in their power to minimize their environmental impact and help save the planet from pollution, starvation and thirst. People in third-world countries afflicted by dire water crisis know this well already – and we’d better learn from their experience than risk facing it in our own offices in foreseeable future.



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