Having Trouble With Your Employees? Here are 5 Tips for Dealing With Employee Issues

Having Trouble With Your Employees? Here are 5 Tips for Dealing With Employee Issues


How to spot difficult employees

As employees, we have come across different types of people with different personalities, beliefs, cultures and ways of thinking. Well, I have no problem at all with that. Difficult people can also be spotted anywhere, even at your neighborhood, on the streets, shopping malls, etc.

But they can be a real problem when they get in your office and start working for you.

Anyone can spot difficult, hard to deal with kind of people by how they behave. They are never early, they are always in a hurry to leave. They have an excuse for every failing. They complain about everything.

Every business or organization has faced one or two incidences of employees who don’t live up to their expectations. Most report having trouble with their employees or having employee issues of some sort. Most of these employees either show up late at work, they have no customer relations, they are not loyal to the company, they harass you or fellow workers, neglect details, they are not polite to either their fellow workmates or to clients.

As an employer, you must be aware enough to spot such culprits early, because in not doing so, these people can have a negative impact on your company.

How to handle difficult employees


Problems never go away unless we face problems head on.

Some employees add value to the company (they may have more experience or have expertise in a specific field), and most managers are often afraid to lose these employees.

However, ignoring the problem could lead to a progressive problem which might get out of hand. The good news is that the solution can be as simple as talking to the employee in question to find out the cause for the inappropriate behavior.


It is always a managers responsibility to take action to correct the problem. As an employer, you need to set ground rules and consequences if any employee fails to meet these expectations. This can be done by the employer personally gathering information from other employees, or observing the troublesome employee behavior, or how they interact with customers, or other employees.


Before you take bold steps, it is necessary to open a dialogue between you and the employee in question to determine the root of the problem. Also determine if they are aware of their behavior. It could be a home related issue like death of a loved one, divorce, or sickness causing the person to be unproductive.


After determining the problem and seeing that the employee is willing to change, they can be helped to put their personal life in order by providing them with any resources your company may have such as employee assistant programs through insurance.


If everything fails, legal procedures would be followed to lay off the employee. This will make other employees know the consequences of bad behavior.

In conclusion, negativity can corrode a company’s profile and productivity. Taking action as a manager will save you losses, because a difficult employee will harm your business.

I hope all of these ways of dealing with troublesome employees gave you ideas on how to handle such type of people in your company or how to handle them if such issues may arise.

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