Business Basics: Organization Tips to Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

Business Basics: Organization Tips to Keep Your Business Running Smoothly


To keep your business running smoothly, you need to ensure that your office is organized. Being organized means that you won’t spend hours searching for a document, or forget to perform a task because you lost the paperwork in the mounds of paper on your desk. These five tips will help you stay organized and work efficiently.

Electronic Document Organization

When you have more than one version of a document, it can be difficult to keep track of the most recent document. Whether it’s a Powerpoint presentation, spreadsheet or data report, the versions should be named accordingly. If it’s version one, it should have version 1 in the document name. It helps to store all versions of the same document in a folder too. The folder should have a descriptive name, so you can find it easily.

File and Desk Organization

It’s essential that you purchase filing cabinets and binders for an office to run smoothly and efficiently. You’ll need containers for your office supplies too. Make sure you purchase enough cabinets and binders to keep papers organized and easy to access. You don’t want to search endlessly for a document vital for a presentation or report.

Consistency in the Office

If you have employees, make sure they are all trained to use the filing system in the same manner. If the filing is done differently by each employee, it can cause chaos in the office. You could spend hours searching the cabinets for a certain piece of paper.

Desk Organization

If you have piles of papers on your desk, devote a day to cleaning them. Organize that pile into things to be filed in your new cabinets, papers that can be sent through the shredder and papers that can be boxed and put in storage. You can have one ongoing project pile, but that’s it.

End of Project Completion

When you’re finished with a project, box up all the papers, binders and presentations. Have storage space for projects that have been completed, but that you can’t shred yet. Have a system for naming the boxes. An employee can occasionally purge the old boxes from the storage space to make room for new boxes.

Master To-Do List

Each morning pull things from the master to-do list. The master list should list everything that needs to be done for an entire month or week. If you pull items from the list each day, you’ll keep yourself on track to complete larger projects. It’s a great organization strategy that will keep your business running smoothly.

A cluttered desk will make it difficult to stay organized. An unorganized desk means you’ve lost control of the processes that are supposed to keep your business running efficiently. Use cabinets and binders to keep your desk free of clutter. For items to keep your business organized, check out It’s important to have the right tools so you can focus your time and energy and more important tasks.



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