Responsible Business Behavior: Preserving Natural Resources

Responsible Business Behavior: Preserving Natural Resources


Instead of saving valuable energy resources, it seems that nowadays office equipment and gadgets are amounting to the electricity bills like never before. Even those devices than run on battery cells have chargers that leech power even when the devices are disconnected. However, there are several solutions that businesses can apply in order to reduce energy expenses and ultimately, save money.

Laptops vs. desktops

The blunt truth is that laptop computers use even 80% less energy than desktops. If you consider that laptops’ performances are nowadays very close to desktop configurations, the swap is more than justified. Simply put, businesses that switched to laptops will experience significant energy savings, but it is important that chargers are connected to a power strip with a switch, so they don’t waste energy in the off-hours.

Putting Devices to Sleep

Most of today’s office equipment have power save or sleep mode, in which they automatically turn of all the circuits but those vital to operation. Copiers, fax machines and computers can be set to go into the sleep mode after a pre-set number of minutes without use. It depends on manufacturer and the device class, but most devices save up to 70% of energy in sleep mode. An optimum time to set a sleep mode to start is 15 minutes. 

Power Strips

It goes without saying that office equipment needs to be turned off by the end of the day. However, if they remain plugged in, those devices still draw small amount of electricity. Attach clusters of electronic devices to power strips with a switch, so you can effectively disconnect all the equipment at once, by flicking the switch off.

Water Management

An average size office operates tens of taps and maybe even one or two shower stands. It means that a lot of water is used, as many people use all those taps during the working day. There are two ways to reduce the water bill: you can lower the water flow or reduce the amount of water spent at one washing or flushing. Instead of equipping the taps with expensive motion sensors and timers, you can install aerators that will lower the flow but not the performance, tell us at Force Plumbing & Heating.

New Means Energy Efficient

In many offices, dumping the large, old refrigerator and purchasing a new one is way down the list of priorities. After all, it still keeps the cokes cold, right? However, an older generation refrigerator may cost you around $300 in electricity a year, while those made after 2000 cost only about $75 a year. Finally, you can revise the need for a big refrigerator in the office. If your employees use it mainly for drinks, maybe a mini model is more suitable. Apart from saving space, it probably won’t cost you more than $10 a year.

Investing in Energy Star products

This federal government labeling standard is established to let customers know the energy-saving class of an appliance or piece of equipment that they are buying. If your printer, computer or fax machine has the Energy Star label, it means that it uses at least 20% less energy than the standard model. In addition, Energy Star products usually automatically go into sleep mode after a few minutes, with no need for manual settings.

Cutting the electricity and water bills is not just a way to save money that could be directed elsewhere. For businesses, it is a chance to show that they really operate in a green way, taking response of natural resources.



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