Six Companies Taking the Lead in Benefits Packages

Six Companies Taking the Lead in Benefits Packages


When the economy plummets, benefits packages are often one of the first perks to get cut. Companies that go against the grain and increase or keep their excellent benefits packages intact deserve some extra praise. These six companies offer much more than your typical benefits package, and their employees respond in kind with a higher degree of loyalty.


Most people have heard about the sprawling and brain-charging campus that Google has to offer their employees. The company gives their employees free food for both lunch and dinner. And it isn’t the cafeteria food you remember from your school lunch either. These meals are high-quality and nutritious.


Since we can’t all work at Google, the folks at Timberland also offer incredible incentives for their employees. The benefits package includes the ability to get paid while completing up to 40 hours of volunteer work each year. This is a good way to stay active in the community and committed to helping others out, all while taking a break from work.


If you’re a woman, you may want to check out the offerings at Hallmark. They have a high percentage of females working throughout the company, and a whopping 63 percent of high-level positions are filled by women. This is in stark contrast to many other companies where the ranks begin to thin to just men at the top. They also have good employee morale since they play games together, ride bikes, and carpool with company-provided vans.


Since its inception, Starbucks has offered fantastic pay and benefits to its employees that it refers to as partners. These partners are able to get full health insurance while working part-time and that health insurance is also available for family members. Additionally, at the corporate level there is free child care, a gym, and other facilities to keep partners healthy.


We’ve all seen the commercial with the Scottrade baby. But this company really cares about its workers. The employees who work at Scottrade have never had to go through a layoff, and you can bet this is one company that won’t be dealing with a discrimination lawyer. In fact, there was a case where an employee moved to a new location and Scottrade opened up a whole new office in the new location.


AOL offers great incentive to all their employees, but it’s especially good to be an expecting mother here. They get instruction on newborn care, eight weeks of paid time off, and there is an on-site day care facility that cares for children.

These six companies can offer a lesson to other companies cutting their benefits. All of these businesses are highly successful and treat their employees with respect and as a result, get highly motivated and diligent workers. For more information on how to make sure your wage and benefits packages are up to snuff visit



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