3 College Degrees that Will Help you Build a Successful International Business

3 College Degrees that Will Help you Build a Successful International Business


International business is complicated in its own right. You have to comply with more than just the laws of your own nation, but also with international laws and policies. With that said, if you can create a successful international business, you have the potential to have world influence and not to mention make a lot of money in the process. Like law and medicine, business has become a specialized field of study, with a huge variety of curricula and careers to match each one. Choosing the right academic major for international business is more important now than it has ever been before. Fortunately there are a number of options, each with their own contribution to your overall knowledge and research skills.

Master of Laws Degree

Not all study of law is set up to turn students into attorneys. There are several fields of law that lead to graduate degrees designed to help future professionals apply both domestic and international law to a variety of disciplines, including business. Among these law degrees is the Master of Laws, which includes a curriculum centered on international relations, diplomacy and the challenge of meshing legal concepts from numerous countries. It is a graduate degree generally considered to be one step beyond the Juris Doctor which is the traditional degree for attorneys.

International Relations

International relations is very important for the success of your business if you have services overseas. You need to know how to comply with international law and with the laws of whatever countries you are in. It can make a world a difference in the success of your business. Advanced study in the academic field of international relations is also commonly referred to as the masters of diplomacy degree. Achievements in the field of international trade relations and the relationships between governments and businesses is the central foundation of this popular field. Schools that offer this degree and have built a business curriculum around it are usually situated both geographically and strategically so they have access to the kinds of professional development resources and international relationships necessary to teach students about this complex and ever-evolving field.

Masters in International Business Management

While this major is offered more commonly in European universities, it does give students and graduates a unique outlook on the many requirements for a successful international company. Everything from product development to international demographics to supply chain management can be covered in such a degree, and when combined with an undergraduate course of study in a foreign language or in a field like economics, accounting or political science, it can be a powerful way to prepare students for an exciting career.

There are many options available for students today, and each should take at least as much time studying their degree course as they do studying for their tests in class. Complex majors require at least as much effort in preparation as they do in completing the course work. Having the right major can lead to careers that would otherwise be very hard to qualify for, and can also lead to unique kinds of success.



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