Six Things That Can Cause You To Lose Your Job In An Instant

Six Things That Can Cause You To Lose Your Job In An Instant


You may be surprised to learn some of the things that can cause you to lose your job instantly. It’s important to not make these mistakes, even if you don’t see any harm. Here are six reasons you could be unexpectedly employed by the day’s end.

Injury or Illness

You could lose your job if an injury or illness prevent you from safely performing essential functions of your job for an extended period, whether or not your employer has a policy for light duty. Not all terms of employment guarantee you a position when you are able to return to work.


Bad breath may not cause you to lose your job in an instant, but a DUI charge can. Depending on specifics including the type of job you have, the terms of employment, the outcome of the charges and state law, you could lose your job over a DUI charge even if you plead not guilty. Transportation services and jobs where driving is an essential function of the job could be in jeopardy after a DUI. Be sure to work with a criminal negligence lawyer if you are facing charges.

Inappropriate Behavior

Telling dirty jokes, making sexual advances toward co-workers and unethical practices against co-workers can get you fired. Even if they seem to be okay with your sense of humor and say similar things, other co-workers listening nearby might take offense. It is always best to leave those jokes at home.

Workplace Violence

Slamming doors, walking out of your job in anger, speaking words or making actions threatening fellow employees, customers or vendors can land you in the unemployment line quickly. Even if you feel it was a trivial move that didn’t cause damage, it could cost you your job.

Crime Does Not Pay

Stealing, damaging or misusing company assets could send you pounding the pavement for a new source of income. An arrest or conviction unrelated to your job still could cause you to lose it if it interferes with your performance, like having to attend court appearances, serving jail time, performing community service, attending court-ordered treatment, or loss of driver’s license.

Abandoning Your Job

Depending on your company’s attendance policy, unexcused absences, not calling in when sick, tardiness or leaving early without approval can cause you to lose your job. Even if you have a good excuse, not telling your boss what’s going on and not showing up to work can cost you your job.

Be diligent about protecting your job, and if you are not sure about the laws in your state, you may want to talk with an attorney to protect your career interests in the event of a DUI or life-changing event that causes you to lose your job.



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