Office Issues Managers Need to Solve Like Pros

Office Issues Managers Need to Solve Like Pros
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    When people spend most part of their day at work, various difficult and stressful situations may come up and disrupt their performance.

    That is why good managers need to monitor their team, notice these challenging situations and do right moves in order to ease employees from stress and make them productive again.


In this article we will present some of the most common situations that can destroy collective’s productivity, and try to find the right solutions that will bring work performance and relations between team members back to normal.

Important deadline has passed

Missing to file work before an important deadline can be very stressful. This event is usually followed by days and sometimes even weeks of hard work in order to finish the job as fast as possible. Not all team members can easily adapt to these circumstances, which causes frequent mistakes and argues that can turn into catastrophe. In these situations many team members are thinking about only one thing: “Whose fault is this?

When it comes to short deadlines, prevention is the best solution. Team leaders shouldn’t accept unrealistic deadlines, even from their direct superiors. If they have to accept them, they should point out that their team might be late and thoroughly explain all the circumstances. If prevention doesn’t work, team leaders should have an immediate meeting with all team members. These are the situations that require good leadership skills and in some cases team leaders need to hold one of those ‘locker room speeches’ that will motivate employees outperform themselves.

Someone is leaving

Situation when employee is leaving the firm causes stress to all other employees. When someone gets fired, one part of employees might think they will be next, which increases both fear and dissatisfaction within the collective. When someone quits for accepting better offer from other company, other employees might get jealous and dissatisfied with their own job. All these difficult feelings make drastic effect on work results.

If someone got fired managers should explain other employees that this won’t affect them in any way, and go through the major rules and work norms together in order for everybody to understand management’s expectations. If on the other hand employee is changing the company and accepting better offer from another employer, managers should explain benefits and opportunities their company offers, which can be beneficial for relieving other employees from stress and jealousy and motivating them to work more.

An employee’s close relative has passed

This is one of the most stressful situations that may come up. One of the most important decisions here is when to ask a mourning employee to come back to work. Funeral directors in Sydney say that recent comeback can passed the stress caused by grief to other employees, which can affect team’s work performance and cause emotionally difficult situations.

On the other hand coming back to work is an important step of employee’s readjustment and it can help a lot in eliminating consequences of recent hurtful event. One work week of paid leave is enough time for employee to work on lowering stress levels and for becoming productive again. When grieving employee starts working, he/she shouldn’t receive challenging tasks in first couple of days, because fast comeback into corporate madhouse can have disastrous consequences on his/hers mental health, as well as on relations within the collective.

Relationships and love affairs between colleagues

Most people know that they shouldn’t mix their career and their private life, but these things just happen. Although relationships and love affairs between colleagues aren’t necessarily bad for business, in some cases they lead to stressful situations that involve hard break ups and lots of tension later on.

It is wrong for managers to get involved in employee’s private life, but if they find out about the recent break-up and if it is causing visible tension between colleagues, they should definitely do something about it. One way to deal with this situation is by minimizing the reliance between two employees’ work, in order to save collective work effort from the stress their recent break-up is causing. This can be effectively done by adding the middleman who will correspond with both employees, until the tension settles down.

Ability to solve these and many other difficult situations can make a clear distinction between a regular manager who only transmits orders from superiors and a leader who has much bigger influence in team’s performance and tends to satisfy both superior’s and employee’s needs and wishes.



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