Best Ideas to Help Small Businesses Maximize Their Time and Space

Best Ideas to Help Small Businesses Maximize Their Time and Space


Entrepreneurs who venture into the world of startups and micro companies will often find themselves pressed for more than just investment capital. Time and space are two business elements that prove to be elusive for startup entrepreneurs; this is particularly the case for company owners who feel that they have to provide a spacious office for their staff.

While having adequate amounts of time and space is ideal for the success of a new business, this does not mean that small offices staffed with minimal staff will fail to thrive in the enterprise world. Quite a few companies started as very small operations that were able to manage their space and time constraints to maximum effect.

Here are four of the best ideas for small businesses that need to maximize their time and space:

1 – Hot Desking

If a business is set up to operate in shifts, hot desking with special software, such as Add-On, is a great solution to save on office space. Essentially, hot desking consists of allocating workstations according to shifts, projects or workloads instead of giving permanent assignments. Successful hot desking requires effective scheduling and resource sharing, which can really benefit a company and save space.

2 – Virtual Desktops

Physical workstations are no longer mandatory office equipment. Modern businesses that do not enjoy sufficient space to install towers and monitors can use virtual desktop solutions instead. A couple of options in this regard include thin client hubs, which allow a single computer to be shared by three users who only need a display and a keyboard.

3 – Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Quite a few micro companies get started with a BYOD strategy that lets managers and employees use their personal laptops, tablets and smartphones. Some smaller companies are also choosing a BYOD approach to their operations in an effort to reduce IT expenditures; however, it is very important to implement strong security policies in a BYOD workplace.

4 – Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Startup companies that failed because they run out of time to reach certain milestones could have been saved with the right BPO strategy. Modern BPO options are no longer limited to call centers; some offshore operations offer completion of coding projects, marketing campaigns, consultancy, and many other business tasks that can be time-consuming. An additional option in this regard would be to hire freelancers for projects such as writing a business plan or reconciling a ledger.

In the end, modern business owners should never feel pressed for time or space at a time when technology, globalization and the enterprise world offer smart solutions.



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