What Employers Can do to Protect Women in the Workplace

What Employers Can do to Protect Women in the Workplace


Women made great strides in the 20th century, and today, women are protected in the workplace. If an employee’s rights are violated, they can protect themselves, but only if they know how. Employers cannot discriminate against women according to federal law, yet many women are still treated unfairly in the workplace. Fortunately, there are several things employers can do to make women feel more secure.

Family and Medical Leave Act

Let your employees use the Family and Medical Leave Act. They are entitled to a leave of absence after giving birth or adopting a child, and a woman might be stressed after a difficult pregnancy and delivery. Some employers hire temporary employees to accommodate for the leave of absence. Your employee needs to know her job is secure while she is dealing with a new situation. If possible, make accommodations like working from home possible to help maternity leave take less of a toll on them and your company.

Age Discrimination in Employment Act

Employers cannot discriminate against older workers. Some employers prefer younger workers, but older women should not be unjustly terminated. Older workers are usually more productive in the workplace and employers should value the maturity and experience older women bring to the company. Work blind through your interview process to make sure you get the best people for the job, no matter what their gender or age.

Fair Labor Standards Act

In the early 20th century, many companies did not hire women at all. When women were hired, they were paid a lesser wage and several decades ago, job ads included gender. Many employers wanted to hire men for higher wage jobs while women were paid less for the same jobs. The Fair Labor Standards Act gave women equal pay in the workplace. Employers should make sure their female employees are being paid a fair wage. According to an Orlando injury lawyer, Shawn Diederich, if your female employees and male employees are performing an identical job, make sure their opportunity for bonuses and raises are equal as well.

Whistleblower Protection

Let your employees know they can use the whistleblower protection law. A whistleblower is a person who reveals illegal and dishonest activities in the workplace. Women should not fear retaliation for reporting harassment, safety violations, or environmental regulations. Let your employees know that they will not be wrongly dismissed from the company if they point out things that are illegal or unfair.

Women have many freedoms in the workplace today, but men are still more likely to work in management positions. Women are given more mentors, but they still have a difficult time climbing the corporate ladder. It is a simple fact that men have more influence in the workplace. Promotions should be based on merit. When women are treated fairly in the workplace, the outcome will improve the lives of their families. Women will be less stressed, and the boost in productivity will benefit the nation.



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