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Operations Management

6 Ways a Merchant Service will Take Your Business to the Next Level

In this article, we are going to focus on the benefits of a merchant service to your business. While there are many options to choose from in the market, choosing the right merchant service can be quite overwhelming.


10 Reasons why Your Business Needs a Blog to Engage Customers (Part 2/2)

Continued from part 1: (view) 5. Blogging helps increase your SEO Writing regular fresh content is a perfect way of staying on top of your competition in google or bing

Business Exit Planning

5 Smart Business Exit Strategies to Consider for Your Business Plan

It might appear to be odd to build up a business exit plan before, to foresee the day you will leave the business; however, potential investors want to know the


10 Reasons why Your Business Needs a Blog to Engage Customers (Part 1/2)

Blogs are very helpful when it comes to running a business. A blog makes it easier whenever you want to engage with your customers.


What Businesses Can Do to Better Handle Equipment Malfunctions

Having downtime and equipment malfunctions can cost your business more than just money. You may lose customers if you can’t fulfill their orders.

Financial Management

Business Fraud: How to Find Your Way through These Murky Waters

It can lead to significant and troubling financial losses. If you’re looking to navigate the ugly world of business fraud, there are several options that can be a major help.

Employee Safety

Safety First: How to Ensure That Your Employees Are Protected at Work

Your employees are your business’s most valuable asset. It stands to reason, then, that you should do everything you can to protect that asset at all times.

Marketing Management

Special Services: How Your Niche Business Can Find the Clients You Need

The greatest businessmen in the world know that you could have the most incredible product or service on the planet, but unless you have a formidable marketing strategy to advertise your business and attract customers, no one will ever flock to your business.

Inventory Management

The Storefront Business: How to Keep Your Products in Storage Organized

Running a store can be a rewarding job to take on. That being said, there are many aspects to running a successful store.


Workers’ Compensation: The Ins and Outs Every Manager Needs to Know

If you work in management, then a strong understanding of the fundamentals of workers’ compensation is imperative.

Entrepreneur Tips

5 No-Brainers for Cutting Down Startup Costs

With not too much money to go around, one of the main goals of running a startup is finding ways to save money. Obviously, cutting the costs is the right way to go, but knowing where and when to do it is invaluable.

Employee Safety

How to Craft Exceptional Workplace Safety Policies

Safety policies save time, money, agony, and lives. They keep workers cognizant of dangers. They keep managers vigilant.

Marketing Management

3 Updates to Try When Your Business Is Showing Its Age

It sometimes takes a long time to get a business up and running and built into a thriving, successful enterprise.

Employee Safety

How to Craft Exceptional Workplace Safety Policies

Safety policies save time, money, agony, and lives. They keep workers cognizant of dangers. They keep managers vigilant.

Business Security

Putting Your Mind at Ease as a Construction Professional

You also know, though, that rarely does everything work as it should. Trying to keep track of all the complex functions of your role can be overwhelming at times, but

Business Relocation

Business Venture: How to Find the Best Place for Your Company to Relocate

Many business owners choose to relocate their base of operations to a new location when they need to expand to a larger facility or when they need to downsize to conserve costs. However, there are many other reasons why a relocation may make sense.

Employee Management

Ways to Increase Productivity at Work

We’re constantly worried whether we’re good enough, productive enough, and committed enough. We talk promotions and money… but we rarely ever talk about the balance between awesome work results and

Business Management

How to Succeed in a Small Pharmaceutical Business

Of course, you don’t just want to embark on a noble pursuit, you want to run a successful business to abundantly provide for you and your family. In order to

M&A Planning

Is Another Business Merging with Yours? 4 Steps to Take in Preparation

Whatever the reason for merging is, now is the time for a fresh start. You can’t predict exactly how a merger will go. However, you can take all the necessary


3 Old Marketing Strategies That Are Dying Out & What to Do Instead

Over 86 percent of viewers skip television ads. Others are cutting the cable cord altogether. Over 44 percent of direct mail never gets open. In fact, the United States Postal

Building Management

3 Ways You Can Save Money on Business Repairs

In this guide, we will take you through three of the most important steps you can follow to save as much money as possible on costly business repairs. Get a

Building Management

Want More Productive Employees? Adjust Your Thermostat

Setting a comfortable temperature for the work environment can be even more complex, because of a greater number of people moving and out of any given space, as well as

Building Management

3 Vital Things to Do After a Workplace Injury

These will help provide immediate assistance to the victim, prevent future incidents, and provide information as to the cause of the accident. Whether it be a cut, fall, burn or

Other Business Topics

Business Ethics: 3 Ways to Keep Your Company out of Legal Trouble

Legal issues such as these and others could potentially result in financially devastating legal expenses, fines and more. They can also cause public relations disasters and have other debilitating effects

Inventory Management

All You Need to Know About Cable Handling Equipment and Installation Tools

Cable handling equipment and installation tools are generally required by businesses for installing new cables, pipes, or wires in residential or industrial areas. Several industries, including construction industry, marine engineering,