Security! 7 Tips to Protecting Your Business

Security! 7 Tips to Protecting Your Business
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    If you are like many business owners, then your business is one of the most important things in the world to you and you would do anything to protect it.


You would do anything to protect everything that you put into your business to make it successful. This includes your invested money, equipment, and anything else that is of value that makes your business run and keeps you successful. Here are seven tips for protecting your business.

Tip 1: Internal Controls

The first step in protecting your business lies within creating controls. These controls are activities that you do in order to mitigate your business and financial risks, such as making sure one person cannot record incoming checks and deposit the incoming checks (which can lead to fraud).

Tip 2: Internet Security

Make sure you have virus protection software. This may seem simple, but each year many small businesses that do not have the resources for IT Security departments fall victim to simple trojans, viruses, and worms.

Tip 3: Security Cameras

No matter what type of business you own, security cameras are useful. Just having security cameras in a store make it many times less likely that someone will burglarize or rob your establishment.

Tip 4: Background Checks for Employees

The hiring process is pivotal for keeping your business secure. It is often current or past employees that perpetuate fraud, misappropriate assets (steal), and cause issues within a business. Keeping the troublesome employees out at the beginning is a great way to keep the risk of employee fraud to a minimum.

Tip 5: Only Grant Access When Absolutely Necessary

Access is what any criminal needs in order to perpetuate their crime. Access should be restricted to only authorized users. This access can be virtual, such as access to computer systems, programs, and folders, or physical, such as access to a server room. Before you hand someone a key or a password, think to yourself and assess whether it makes sense for this person to have access to this area. For example, it would not make sense for your accountant to have access to the server room.

Tip 6: Security Grilles and Doors

Related to access is the use of security grilles and security doors. These can be used to block off any entry points to your business that cannot be secured by other means, such as garage doors and loading docks. Having these doors and grilles also keeps out animals, such as rodents and birds, if it is a fine enough mesh.

Tip 7: Motion-Sense and Parking Lot Lights

Lighting is very important for ensuring the security of your business. Undesirable people are much less likely to venture onto your property when there are lights in the parking lot and motion sensing lights on your building. Keeping several lights on inside of your business can also deter potential criminals.

The bottom line is that your business is important to you, the people that work for you, and to the people that your business provides a service for. Takes these steps seriously and protect your business to ensure its survival and more importantly its success.



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