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3 Signs You Need New Windows for Your Office Building

3 Signs You Need New Windows for Your Office Building
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    It's always a good idea to replace damaged windows with new, energy efficient models, but it can be difficult to figure out when it's time to replace windows that have simply gotten too old or just aren't doing the job anymore.


If your office is experiencing any of the following problems, it might be time to consider updating your buildings windows:

Street Noise

The sounds of traffic, construction, or other nuisances can create distractions and make focusing difficult. Offices that are near busy roads, heavy machinery, or noisy neighbors may want to make the switch to newer, more modern windows. These control noise much better than old, outdated ones, leading to a quiet, more efficient workplace with far fewer distractions. Some soundproof windows are able to reduce noise by as much as 95%, but shopping for them can be a bit tricky– some give noise reduction measurements as detected by sensitive instruments, while others give noise reduction measurements as perceived by the human ear.


Drafts frequently occur around old windows that no longer fit properly or are poorly insulated. Unfortunately, what seems like a minor nuisance can add up– every draft represents a spot where heated or cooled air is lost to the environment. If one old window is drafty, chances are others are. This means that office buildings with outdated windows may be wasting thousands of dollars per year on steep heating and cooling bills.

Consulting with a professional window installation expert like those from All-West Glass Edmonton Ltd. can help determine the most energy-efficient windows for a particular office environment, and having them professionally installed ensures that they are properly set up to keep heated and cooled air right where it belongs. Over time, energy efficient windows end up paying for themselves.

Security Fears

Older windows generally aren’t impact resistant and may not lock properly. This means that intruders can easily break them to gain entry to a building and steal and vandalize property to their hearts’ content. Newer windows come in impact-resistant materials (including bullet- and blast-resistant varieties) and may feature double locks to help keep criminals out. These windows may cost more than conventional ones, but the peace of mind and loss prevention is worth it.

New windows offer far more than convenience and some added curb appeal. The right windows for an office environment can help keep workers more comfortable and focused, leading to higher productivity and happier employees, while keeping business assets safe.



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