Workforce Woes: Areas Where Your Employees Are Costing You Money

Workforce Woes: Areas Where Your Employees Are Costing You Money
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    “It's hard to find good help.” Employers have been saying it for decades, but the sentiment seems more relevant now, even considering today's competitive job market.

    Socializing and wasting time have always been productivity sponges, but contemporary business owners have more hurdles now with the Internet and social media.


And these aren’t the only employee behaviors that drain revenue. Substance abuse and good old-fashioned sick days also top the list of the employee profit bleed. Read on to learn about the ways that your employees might be costing you money, and how to avoid these expenditures and help foster a good work environment.

Internet Surfing

Todays’ social media is yesterday’s water cooler. In the past, employees wasted time standing around the water cooler, drinking coffee, talking about kids, the game, and anything else they could think of to avoid working. Today, the major method of wasting time is happening right at their desks.

According to, 64% of U.S. employees visit non-work-related websites every day. To prevent this productivity drain, have employees sign an agreement that outlines specifics about Internet surfing during work hours. Additionally, track employee usage of the Internet, letting them know ahead of time what you’re doing and how abusers will be handled.

Substance Abuse

This might surprise you, but substance abuse is becoming a major bottom-line undermine for today’s businesses. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, substance abuse costs the U.S. economy billions of dollars in lost productivity. And substance abusers aren’t the only drain. They also cost the productivity of the rest of your workforce in dealing with the fallout.

If you suspect an employee is abusing drugs, contact a drug and alcohol test specialist who will provide drug screening. Additionally, consider random drug screening to keep on top of the situation. Be sure you apprise yourself of your state’s laws regarding random drug screening. If an employee tests positive, consider offering rehabilitation or a support group.

Sick Days

Everyone gets sick, but abuse of sick days is definitely costing you money. Paid sick leave has become a heated debate, with some in Congress pushing for earned paid sick days for all. To curtail sick day abuse, you need a fair policy wherein employees earn sick days that can be used for reasons other than illness and can roll over a certain number to next year. Many companies today opt for the ‘PTO’ (paid time off) system rather having traditional sick days. With this system, sick days are earned bi-weekly or monthly and can be used any reason.

Competition in today’s business world is fiercer than ever. Maintaining a healthy bottom line is vital, and you must be vigilant in controlling waste. You don’t have to run your business like a dictatorship, but there are fair, concrete steps you can take to ensure its robust success and avoid waste of time and money.

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