5 Techniques for Maximizing Manufacturing Productivity

5 Techniques for Maximizing Manufacturing Productivity
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    The manufacturing sector has again become an active area of the economy, in an environment in which every detail can help, or hurt, a company’s ability to maintain a competitive edge.


If you hope to maximize your manufacturing productivity in the coming year, here are five techniques that can help you toward your goal:

1 – Standardize Work Tasks

One of the most critical techniques to improve manufacturing productivity is to standardize work tasks. Not a moment of time should be wasted determining how a task should be completed, so that that next operation can be accomplished. These small holdups can cost significant amounts of money over time. Do a thorough analysis of all work tasks to find the most efficient method of doing an operation; so it can then be quickly passed to the next step. Provide equipment, tools and training to ensure that tasks are done as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

2 – Implement An Effective Work Flow Plan

Take a close look at how many times the workflow in your facility is interrupted. This technique can reveal a variety of problems in facility set-up, interdepartmental communications, equipment failure and worker training. Implement solutions for these problems immediately so that the work can flow more easily throughout the day to increase your profit margins. 

3 – Maximize Your Supply Chain

The workflow in your facility is dependent on the parts and materials that are continuously needed throughout the operation. If your supply chain is causing bottlenecks and delays, you are losing money throughout the year. Do an analysis of supply problems that are affecting production and find ways to solve these problems or change suppliers. 

4 – Improve Facility Efficiency

The structure and layout of your manufacturing facility may be adding extra steps, wasted materials and additional time to each facet of your operation. Think about how your facility can be improved to increase productivity. These changes may require expenses in the short-term that can be easily defrayed over the long term by increasing your ability to serve customers and make a profit. These measures may include inspection and analysis of companies such as 20/20 NDT Inc, who can ensure that you are not losing money through leaks and inefficiencies in your pipeline systems. Also consider changes in warehouse layout and other structural adjustments to maximize operations. 

5 – Improve Worker Communications

Take a close look at the communication system in your plant to see how it can be updated with new technologies to facilitate these moment-to-moment communication tasks. Handheld radios and tablet devices can help to increase the flow of important data from one department to another. Critical information on parts and operations can be maximized so that less foot traffic is needed throughout the facility.



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