Working Wellness: What You can do as a Manager to Keep Employees Safe

Working Wellness: What You can do as a Manager to Keep Employees Safe
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    Managers in every type of business have a considerable amount of pressure on their shoulders when it comes to the well-being of their employees.

    Their responsibilities extend beyond ensuring the safety of the environment in which their employees work on a daily basis.


They must take it upon themselves to get employees engaged when it comes to on-the-job safety and awareness. Complete safety in the workplace requires engaging employees on many different levels, with a goal of keeping them aware of their environment and their own responsibilities when it comes to their safety and that of their coworkers.

Allow Them Ownership

A huge part of maintaining a safe work environment consistently is making this job within the employee’s influence, and part of their responsibility while on the job. In order for this action to happen, employees must be given the proper training and education in critical safety areas that impact them on a daily basis. They must have the resources and abilities needed to take on this role of leadership in the work environment in order to take pride in carrying out necessary safety precautions and regulations.

Once employees understand that certain safety procedures and guidelines are under their control and authority, they can fully take responsibility for their own well-being. According to a personal injury lawyer in Gadsden, this type of confidence and support from managers is necessary to ensure long-term success. Few employees can maintain outstanding work environments in this respect with just top-down management tactics as their only reward.

Employee Voices Count 

Many managers make the mistake of ignoring employee concerns for safety or engaging in some sort of reprisal for continued complaints about the work environment. However, employees are often in the best position to identify potential hazards, in addition to coming up with solutions for the safety issue that is present. A lack of response from managerial figures can result in employees who feel that their well-being is not a concern for the upper management. This feeling can lead to the development of further safety issues that will go unreported or the involvement of a law firm should accidents occur. Furthermore, a perceived lack of concern from management regarding the well-being of employees is shown to lead to a lack of productivity in most cases.

Evaluate Your Work Culture

The best culture in the workplace is established through functioning relationships that are built on communication and trust. According to the Garmon Law Firm, these relationships must exists at all levels of the company, including managers and employees. A critical part of keeping trust intact is making the safety of everyone on the job a priority. When trust is established in the workplace, addressing safety issues that threaten the health and happiness of any member of the team will become an integral part of the emerging culture.

Managers who keep a working environment safe do so with more than policies and arbitrary reinforcements. Employee safety is a team effort that requires the support of everyone involved in production and business operations.



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