Customer Service Tips That Bring Results

Customer Service Tips That Bring Results
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    So, you want more customers, do you?

    Like any business, customers are what keep you in business and help your enterprise thrive.

    Or die.


Customer retention is also important, otherwise you will find yourself repeating the customer solicitation process, what will cost you time and money.

Regardless of whether you are seeking new customers or are seeking to keep the ones that you already have, the following business tips can help keep them happy.

Greet them personally.

Whether you are talking with customers over the phone or in person, make a point to give them your undivided attention. This means stopping what you’re doing, directing your attention to your customers and smiling. If you know your customer’s name, then use it. If not, get to know them by name.

Offer your service.

If you work in a retail environment, ask your customers if they need your help. If yes, then provide it. If no, then withdraw from your presence after you tell them that you are available, if needed. Give your customers room to roam. Be available at the right time for them.

A matter of priorities.

The customer you are waiting on takes priority over the one who isn’t currently being served. That may mean allowing the phone to ring and passing up that call while you finish with your current customer. It is important that once service is being rendered that it not later interrupted. Allow another employee to handle the call. Train your employees to serve people one at a time. Keep your customers happy.

Get an answer.

Customers may provide a query where no answer can be offered. At least at the moment. Instead of telling the customer, “I don’t know,” you should say, “I will find that out for you.” Then follow through by getting the answer. If you must take the customer’s name and phone number, then do so. As soon as an answer is obtained, then contact the customer.

Serve your customers equally.

You may not know all your customers well. With this in mind, treat each one alike. That means not judging a customer by his appearance, social status or other factors. When you treat every person you greet with respect, that naturally carries over to everyone else who comes through your doors or who you talk with over the phone.

Ensure that orders are complete.

Whether the customer is ordering over the phone, online or in person, you should ensure that the customer has everything he or she needs. This can include various parts and supplies that may go with the product. For instance, if he is buying a vacuum cleaner, replacement bags and a filter may be need at time of purchase. Additional accessories may be needed too, part of the upsell process, but also a good customer service move on your part.

Offer a personal guarantee.

What makes a big difference for most customers is guaranteeing your product or service. This can mean providing refunds or exchanges, no questions asked. Beyond that, you may need to warranty a product or a service for additional coverage. Endeavor to provide a level of guarantee that does not kill your bottom line but does its best to provide what your customer consider “exemplary” service.

Stellar Customer Service

Are there other ways to provide stellar customer service? Yes, certainly. For one, going out of your way to order an out of stock item is important. Also, respect the customer’s privacy — if a credit card is turned down, discretely mention this fact to the customer and out of earshot of other people. Your professionalism will take you far and will bring customers back through your doors.

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