How to Keep Your Employees Happy and Motivated

How to Keep Your Employees Happy and Motivated
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    Most employees love to contribute but hate their job.

    This is often because managers do not give their employees the opportunities to properly contribute.

    They do not understand what makes employees happy.


How to motivate employees to work better?

Business owners want to know how to motivate employees to work better, but that kind of thinking is flawed. You cannot motivate people, but you can give people the opportunity to motivate themselves. That is what we will be discussing in this post.

Schedule Flexibility

Keep employees happy by allowing flexibility in your employees’ schedules. This doesn’t mean allowing rules to be bended; it means having adaptability built into the rules themselves.

For example, a good rule to have when hiring parents is to allow them to work during school hours so they are not kept from their children after school. This will help ensure that no one feels like a prisoner in their job. Remember that unhappy employees are more likely to quit to look for a better place of employment. A smart business owner recognizes that high turnover costs a business time and money in training.


Long term, people are motivated by contributing and feeling valued.

You could double a person’s pay and may see a short term boost of productivity, but research in employee satisfaction indicates that long term change does not occur with money alone. This is good news for business owners because creating a conducive environment for employee satisfaction is quite simple.

To feel appreciated, employees must:

  • Feel that their contributions matter.
  • Know what is expected of them.
  • See how their work output is measured.
  • Know how much authority they have.
  • Know when projects are due.
  • Feel their skills and abilities are being put to good use.
  • Have everything they need to do their job, including the right equipment, tools and information.
  • Feel comfortable talking about issues in the workplace and coming up with their own viable solutions. Solving problems is a strong motivator for employees, but many aren’t given the opportunity because of an uncooperative boss. Don’t be that type of boss.


First it must be stressed that rewards shouldn’t always come in a physical form. As mentioned, showing employees appreciation for their effort and achievements goes a long way. Once appreciation and flexibility for employees are in place, other rewards are like icing on the cake.

  • These should include things that can bring your employees enjoyment, such as discount coupons and other freebies.
  • Show your commitment to your employees’ personal growth by giving them free workshop trainings and seminars.
  • Make the work environment more comfortable by providing ergonomic chairs and other amenities such as an employee lounge that can be used during break times.

A big office party can be a great reward as well, but for employees to enjoy this reward they must already be happy and satisfied with their job to begin with. This is why meeting the basic requirements for employee happiness is crucial for the sustainability of your business.



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