Proactive Techniques for Encouraging a Safe and Respectful Workplace

Proactive Techniques for Encouraging a Safe and Respectful Workplace
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    It is very important to ensure employee safety in the workplace, especially where there is large equipment, heavy machinery and complex processes involved.


An accident can occur within seconds and therefore as a boss or supervisor, it is your duty to employ workplace safety. Here we will mention three ways which will help you to achieve workplace safety on a regular basis:

1. Training

It is a proven fact that mishaps are more common in the manufacturing or warehouse environment as compared to the other types of industries because of the large machinery and equipment which are present in the warehouse. Numerous accidents occur every year resulting in injuries from forklifts, falls, electrical work, hazardous energy, and also respiratory problems.

According to OSHA, in 2014 there were about 5,200 casualties while working in this sort of environment. This is the reason why it is very crucial that your staff should be trained properly to encourage employee safety in the workplace.

You must make the safety procedures clear, thorough and accessible by using a lot of training programs for your staff. Your employees may be very experienced; however, that should not excuse them from receiving regular training. They must be updated on the latest safety measures ranging from proper handling of the chemicals to forklift operation.

Apart from making the training compulsory, you may also make it fun as well by offering your staff enticing incentives to finish the training course in the form of gift cards, awards or plaques.

2. Practice What you Teach

You might use all your resources in order to promote employee safety training, but it won’t create an impact in the minds of your staff unless you follow your own orders. Make sure you practice what you preach, for example wearing a helmet whenever required.

As an employer, it is your job to not only make your staff follow your orders but you too should abide by the rules yourself. Thus, this will help the staff to be inspired and motivated by seeing your example and they too will follow your lead.

3. Make Safety Rules Prevalent

You cannot expect that your staff will follow the rules if they’re ignorant of them.

You can only impart these rules by means of a regular training; however, it is also required to post daily reminders for the sake of repetition. Make it a point to post signs everywhere in the facility which are clear, specific, but not too wordy.

Ensure that your staff has proper access to the safety equipment and gear which they need in order to follow these regulations and guidelines which can be anything from safety goggles to safety headgears. Unless you provide these protective measures to your staff, they cannot be held responsible for safety procedures.

Following these 3 above-mentioned tips to encourage employee safety in your warehouse or factory can mean the distinction between a dangerous area and a safe one.



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