Increase Your Customer Base With Mobile Marketing: 4 Tips

Increase Your Customer Base With Mobile Marketing: 4 Tips
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    In the past, most businesses attracted customers through display ads, TV broadcasting, radio promotions and street promotions from employees.

    These methods still work today, but as a business owner you'll need to get more creative.


An overwhelming number of potential customers have smartphones and use them for sending emails, comparing prices from retailers, researching companies for job searches, and sharing audio and videos.

Now is the time for businesses to embrace mobile marketing. It is a sure way to reach millions in a cost effective and timesaving way. Here is how you can increase your customers with mobile marketing.

1. Offer Click and Call Feature

One thing you should do is add a click and call feature on your business’s website (make sure it is mobile friendly first). You want to do this because so many potential customers are on the go and they don’t have the time to look in a phone book or surf the Web on their computers to find information about your services. On their smartphones they can go right to your business’s phone number and you can engage in direct marketing without mailing out countless brochures.

2. Take Advantage of QR Codes

Just about every business is using QR codes these days, but you may wonder what they are. QR codes are small barcodes that look somewhat like a square, and people who have smartphones can scan these codes on packages and even vehicles. Once they scan the QR codes, they might see your bargains for the week or information about your services.

3. Localize Your Mobile Marketing

If your business is primarily aimed at local customers, you’ll need to localize your mobile marketing. One method of local mobile marketing is to send occasional text messages to your regular customers about new openings, lifestyle tips and the ways your products can assist them in better living, and any new products you’re offering. This cuts down on flyers you would put in the paper and you help customers cut back on email overloads.

Another option is to create a responsive mobile friendly version of your company’s Facebook page so people can read blogs and look at promotional videos.

4. Don’t Go Overboard With The Graphics

A mistake that some businesses make with mobile marketing is the use of too many graphics, audio and video ads. This leads to slow uploading of webpages, which is a big turn-off for mobile device users. It’s best to use minimal graphics and focus more on the content on the mobile friendly website. It also helps to create a sitemap that makes it easy for people to navigate.

In conclusion, mobile marketing is here to stay, and you are missing out if you don’t use it to your advantage. Talk with other business owners if you’re not familiar with this kind of marketing. Once you become skilled in it, you’ll become hooked.



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