Proper Ways to Ship Products from an Online Store

Proper Ways to Ship Products from an Online Store
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    It is no secret that in order to succeed every company has to take advantage of today’s globalized business landscape instead of working around it.

    One of the methods to achieve this is certainly by opening an online store.


Bear in mind that this means whole new plethora of responsibilities, with proper shipping being most important of them, but fortunately, like any other thing in the world, shipping is also manageable and we will give you few tips of how to do it right.

Choosing the Right Package

Depending of what you are shipping, type of packaging can vary drastically so we will cover all three situations you can expect.

Smaller products – If those products are not too fragile you shouldn’t waste too much money on their packaging and just use good old bubble mailers. Even though they don’t look that durable they can provide reasonably safe shipping. Bubble mailers are not, of course, suitable for stacking, so if you need this option and you are shipping something more sensitive move to number two.

Cardboard boxes – Given the fact that they are usually made out of recycled materials they tend to be very inexpensive when purchased wholesale and by using them you will also do a great thing for Mother Nature. Because they are stackable, provide good protection to items inside and available in various shapes and sizes you should be able to use cardboard boxes for most of the situations you will face.

More demanding products – By this we mean something that doesn’t fit in a box and needs more protection and sturdy internal structure. Depending of item size you can opt for steel cages or you can even use shipping containers for maximum shielding. Both of these options are very durable and do not bend when under pressure, so they can be used even for all-around protection of several smaller packages stacked inside.

Package Branding

Since your package is ought to travel some distance, why would you waste an opportunity to get some free marketing and to expose your brand to public eye. There are several options for doing this. One of them is to order customized shipping packages with your company’s logo printed over, but there is no need to waste money because simple stickers are just as effective. Remember, all the money you save on packaging can be used to give your customers lucrative discounts or even free shipping, which is great marketing decision on itself.

Achieving More Professional Look

Since you are already trying to give your brand right exposure and score some points with customers, be aware that handwritten labels are out of the question because they look horribly unprofessional. These days, printed labels are considered obligatory, so make sure to include them to your packaging. Learning how to make them is really not that hard and once you get used to playing with templates everything will work like a charm. Some services like PayPal are providing you with an option to print labels directly from their website so, if you are using them, you will be spared of all the trouble.

As we can see, shipping your product is really not that big of a deal as long as you follow these few tips we gave you. There is another thing you should take note of, though. Do your best to comply with deadlines you are given, because if you are late with shipments, all your effort invested in packaging will be wasted. And now that we covered all the basics don’t waste a second more; your store is waiting to be opened.



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