5 Helpful Tips for Managers on Handling an Employee Charged with a DUI

5 Helpful Tips for Managers on Handling an Employee Charged with a DUI
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    As a manager, you expect the best out of your employees.

    You want them to behave in a manner both on and off the clock in a way that reflects positively on you and your employer.


When one of your employees gets a DUI, you may wonder what recourse of action you should take to minimize the impact of this charge on the business. You can handle an employee with a DUI by taking these five decisive steps.

Find Out all the Facts

One of the first steps you should take centers on finding out all of the facts of the employee’s DUI case. If this person has not been convicted, he or she is still legally innocent. As noted in reports like the one at Intown Employer, you should rely on authoritative information from lawyers or the court before deciding what other actions to take.

Determine If Any Liability Exists

You should also determine if this person’s DUI charge will have any impact at all on the business. For example, if this person is a mail clerk and not in a position of authority or as a face for the business itself, your liability may be minimum. You may be able to let the charges play out in court without having to take any action toward the employee at all.

Remove Any Liability

However, if the person is responsible for delivering inventory, interacting with customers, or acting in another representative way for the company, you must remove this liability to protect your employer. You cannot afford for this person to get into a wreck, offend customers, or somehow else negatively impact the business.

Decide if it’s a Fireable Offense

If your employee acted in his or her best interests after the arrest, this person may have a criminal attorney on retainer. The attorney may secure a collective bargaining agreement that stipulates that the employee cannot be fired. Before you fire or otherwise punish the employee, verify with a law firm such as Head, Thomas, Webb and Willis Attorneys at Law, who specialize in DUIs in Georgia.

Be Empathetic and Fair

While you have to adhere to company policy and legal mandates, you also should be fair and empathetic if possible. If this is the person’s first DUI or the person is otherwise a good worker, you may find it in your heart to be more lenient toward him or her.

DUIs are serious offenses that could reflect badly on you as a manager. You can take these five actions to minimize the impact of an employee’s DUI on the company.



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