The Crucial Roles of Celebrities and Social Media in Advertising and Promotion

The Crucial Roles of Celebrities and Social Media in Advertising and Promotion
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    Marketing is a technique of identifying consumers’ wants and needs, as well as having the capacity to allocate goods and products that meet their wants and needs.


Strategic marketing consists of all types of activities necessary to move products and services from the manufacturer to the consumers. It serves as a bridge that connects producers and consumers to one another.

Marketing strategies are focused on offering services to consumers that are unparalleled to what they can get from the competitors. There are different approaches in marketing products. Due to the advancement in technology, various forms of marketing techniques have been employed. A number of companies use social media to advertise and promote their products. Celebrity endorsements are also found to generate positive attitude toward the brand being endorsed.

The Massive Influence of Celebrities in Product Endorsements

A celebrity endorser is someone who is publicly known and makes use of recognition to promote the product. Consumers want to purchase brands which represent their inner personality and satisfies them based on their self-concept.

Celebrity endorsements are more effective in dimensions such as dependability, expressiveness, and friendliness. Consumers have a preconceived image concerning celebrity endorsers, and this image is conveyed to the endorsed brand.

The impacts of celebrity endorsements have also been elucidated through the use of associative learning theory, which is grounded on a conception of memory being a network made up of several nodes that are connected by associative links. Celebrity athletes are most often used to endorse products with an obligation to aspire to noble ideals.

When the model of an advertisement is a celebrity, there is a certain attitude change among consumers through identification. Identification happens when a person tries to establish the product identity relative to a celebrity endorser.

On the other hand, when the communication model is an expert endorser, influence happens through internalization. This means that the person accepts influence that is congruent with the belief or value systems.

Celebrity endorsements are effective among college students because it triggers them to spend more on the products which are being promoted by their favorite celebrity.

Social Media for Product Advertising and Promotion

The use of social networking and social media has also been considered as an effective marketing communication. Social media vehicle includes YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Social media has been beneficial in developing relationships between businesses and customers.

Social media has augmented the distribution of businesses and has endorsed businesses to move faster than ever. Through social media, the customers are able to give feedback which in turn helps businesses in determining areas that need improvement. Social networking gives people updates to events happening in the community or in their circles.

If you plan to generate more profits for your business, getting a celebrity to endorse your products would be an excellent investment. If you intend not to spend too much on promotion and advertisements, employ the power of social media to produce good results.



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