Phone Etiquette 101: Tips for Improving Call Center Sales

Phone Etiquette 101: Tips for Improving Call Center Sales
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    Many of the employees who work in call centers are used to answering the types of questions that regularly come up.

    With that said, they're not necessarily born salespeople and so dealing with call center sales may not come naturally to them.


For good phone etiquette and improved overall sales performance in call centers, here are a few useful tips.

1. Set Targets

As the old saying goes, “If you never set a target, you’ll hit it every time”. So is the case with call center sales targets. Staff need motivational targets they can work towards. These can be daily targets, weekly targets or monthly ones they can work steadily towards achieving and hopefully surpassing. Include both intrinsic and also extrinsic ideas to motivate employees as not everyone is directly motivated by money; a sense of satisfaction is often worth more than a few extra dollars.

2. Direct Customers to an Appropriate Customer Services Representative

Each person who works in customer services has their own special abilities. Some are more open and friendly with customers. Others are brilliant with understanding the details of a deal and helping a prospect understand it too. Whether the call agent is naturally a problem solver or more of a “people person”, their personality and special abilities needs to be determined so that calls can be screened and passed to the most suitable call agent on the day.

3. Outsource to the Experts

You may find that certain types of queries require a specialist’s touch. When it comes to a retail call center, a company like Ameridial Inc. which has a central focus on providing scalable call center facilities with an expertise in the retail space can be a good choice.

This kind of specialization allows for specific training of call center staff to deal with retail-focused enquiries and knowing how to resolve the issues that regularly arise in this sector. A generalist won’t have this specific training and therefore has greater difficulty providing the high service level that a narrowly-focused call center service provider can deliver.

4. Invest in Modern Software

The call center agents are only as good as the software they are using. Many call centers are using out-of-date software packages which poorly support the staff and the customers but yet do not get updated because “it’s what everyone knows”.

Maintaining a professional approach for each caller often means providing the correct information in front of the call agent to enable them to do their job effectively. Otherwise, they’re left stumbling around filling in a lack of information with general observations which does not help the caller.

New features like speech analytics can automatically pull up maps and other information based on what was said during the call. This supports the staff so they can deliver maximum value to the customer which can help get the sale.

There is far more that goes into effective sales calls inside a call center than what most people think. It is as much about supporting the staff with the right resources as it is about training them to be more sales-oriented in their role.



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