Six Strategies to Develop Better Team Unity in the Workplace

Six Strategies to Develop Better Team Unity in the Workplace
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    Unity is the key attribute of any highly effective team.

    Many businesses and groups want their teams to work together with more unity since having a lot of hands on one project can speed up the process, and create better quality work.


As a leader, it’s your responsibility to develop and encourage unity, but most leaders are unclear in their understanding of the concept. Below discusses six strategies leaders should use to develop better team unity in the workplace.

Team Member Selection

Apart from selecting a team of members which can get along with each other well, leaders need to ensure the group is a manageable size to keep projects well managed and not overburdened. Get a good feeling for who works best together and how the dynamics might change by adding or subtracting certain people.

Understand the Dynamics

As a team leader, it is important to observe the presence of beliefs and attitudes that may hinder the team working together. That way, they can facilitate open communication between members, collaborate with problem solving, motivate group members, and encourage innovation and increased productivity. Choose a team leader who will be able to stay fair and objective in many different circumstances.

Clarify Team and Individual Roles

A good leader will enhance team cohesiveness using objectives that benefit both individuals and the entire group. Clarifying the responsibilities for each team member will help avoid miscommunication and conflicts. Make sure everyone knows what they should be contributing and how they can remain flexible.

Facilitate Group Meetings

Team leaders must ensure there are regular team meetings and promote individual participation in those meetings. In any team meeting, it is important to foster an atmosphere of open communication. Leaders have to act as examples by listening to suggestions, questions, and concerns from all the team members. Don’t limit yourself to office meetings either.

Plan for team exercises and activities

Have a company like Absolute Screen Printing work with you to develop team t-shirts and go out as a group. You can work together on another kind of project, or participate in an activity outside work that gets all team members more comfortable with each other.

Team building exercises should be encouraged where team members pair up, get to know each other, and get a chance to know each other’s strengths and interests. Team building exercises should have the objective of a positive emphasis and increased trust. Team leaders should encourage members of the team to share information and teach skills to one another.

Use Problem Solving

Leaders have to ensure their members alternate taking on various roles. Activities such as mediating conflicts, initiating discussions, and delivering reports should be done by different members each time. This is healthy for everyone to understand the challenges of each role.

Teamwork has been the basis for many companies’ innovation and breakthrough strategies, and enabled many to attain great success. Promote more teamwork and group unity in your own team with these ideas.



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