Employee Training: Six Training Topics That HR Shouldn’t Leave Out This Year

Employee Training: Six Training Topics That HR Shouldn’t Leave Out This Year
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    Employee training is a part of running a successful business. The workforce is changing, the work is changing and technology is keeping us running.


Here are five of the training topics HR shouldn’t leave out of the schedule this year.

New Hire Orientation

New employees who have been through a successful onboarding report that they like their jobs and they tend to turnover less. To quickly get a happy and productive employee, provide an orientation that covers the building, the other employees, customers, and equipment. Additionally, every new employee needs to be introduced to the company mission, vision and goals so that they know where they are headed. Finally, employees need to be trained on each item of their job description.


This training not only complies with legal requirements, it helps to prevent harassment and bullying. If not prevented, it becomes more likely that an employee will immediately report any harassment and bullying. Harassment is a high risk topic for business and needs to be treated seriously. Taking a proactive stance can save millions in lawsuits.

Customer Service

Customers have more choices than ever. Train every element of customer service to your company’s quality service levels. Give employees examples and let them practice their new skills through role play. Make sure to follow up on expectations following training. Great customer service sells product over competitors millions of times every day.

Information Security

There are many topics that need to be covered with employees regarding information security. Customer information is an extremely important area because customer information must be held completely private if the company wants to stay in business. Additionally, data and information security must be provided. Employees need to understand the vulnerability of the system and why getting on Facebook and downloading on the internet are forbidden.


Not all diversity training is equal. One thing is for sure, we all need to be able to work together harmoniously despite our differences. Because we all group up in different cultures and different ideas, good diversity training will help employees to see the advantage to have a diverse workforce and understand how having different perspectives contributes to a better whole.

Specialized Topics

Some jobs will require additional safety training that is extremely important. For example, commercial truck drivers will need proper training to get their license and stay safe on the road. An accident could cost your company a lot of money, and it is preventable. Companies that deal with hazardous waste should also have training by National Environmental Trainers. This is important to keep employees safe and follow regulations.

Employees who gain a common understanding of these topics through good employee training will be more productive, more effective, and better employees. I wouldn’t leave out any of these topics for my employees.



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