Five Green Industry Leaders Making Earth a Better Place

Five Green Industry Leaders Making Earth a Better Place
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    These days you can't turn on the television or listen to the radio without hearing news about how the greenhouse effect is warming up Earth, melting the icecaps at the Arctic and Antarctic Poles, and causing drastic climate change.


Fortunately, certain companies around the world have decided to go green and show they are willing to run their businesses in a way that minimizes damage to the environment. This can be done in a number of ways. Carbon dioxide and other emissions can be reduced by installing machinery that is more efficient, such as submersible liquid pumps in water purification plants. Also, coal plants can be redesigned to use natural fuels. Below are five companies that have gone to great efforts to go green.

Emissions and Energy Use

Companies that pump millions of pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year, but make a commitment to cut that amount are doing what other cannot. LG Electronics of South Korea is one such company. They have promised to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by thirty million tons per year until 2020.

Adidas is also well known for its efforts to reduce energy consumption. Modifications to equipment such as sensors on conveyor belts and mobile workstations allow machinery to be shut off while not in service.

Recycling and Waste

Mc Donald’s produces a large amount of food waste. In Switzerland, McDonald’s has found a way to convert organic waste into biofuel, which is used for its trucks. McDonald’s has also set goals to increase energy efficiency by twenty percent by 2020 and to increase company owned in-restaurant recycling by fifty percent.

Carbon Offsetting

Carbon offsetting is the funding of projects that directly combat damage to the environment such as energy conservation, support resource conservation, renewable energy, and forestry. Air Canada is a leader in carbon offsetting, having made investments in tire recycling, forest restoration, energy reduction, landfill gas recovery, organic waste composting, and natural water reclamation. 

Public Accountability

Companies with nothing to hide should have no problem with making their records public. Companies such as Amazon and Apple have been criticized for their lack of public disclosure when it comes to environmental concerns. Cemex, a cement company in Mexico, has not only remained forthright when it comes to public disclosure, but has published numerous books on climate change and conservation.

Another company like this, PFC Equipment, Inc which uses submersible pumps to many industries, provide lists of who manufactures and maintains their equipment. This kind of visibility helps others to track their record.

With these industry leaders and others, more is being tried and attempted to help clean up and maintain our earth. Hopefully more will follow these examples, and with consumer power, you can support those that do.



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