Six Organization Secrets for Busy Business Owners

Six Organization Secrets for Busy Business Owners
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    Business owners stay busy, often singlehandedly filling many important roles within their organization.

    With one person responsible for a significant part of your operations, efficiency becomes essential.


The following six secrets can help you as business owner work smarter to get more done during their busy work day.

Get Control Over Paper

Business owners can spend hours filing papers and receipts and later searching for them. Save time by creating a filing system that makes documents easy to store and find. As you get organized, weed out old papers and scan them into electronic storage before shredding them.

Manage Your Projects

If you’ve ever felt like the many projects that affect your business never seem to get finished, you can get help. Use project management software to plan and organize your projects, manage teams, and assign tasks. From a centralized dashboard like LANDESK, you can see the status of all the work in progress and see which ones need the most attention.

Use Cloud Storage

Keeping track of digital files stored on many different computers and storage devices wastes time and causes confusion. Use a cloud storage service such as Google Drive or Dropbox to keep all your data in a centralized location. Online storage provides remote access to data, so you and your employees can work and collaborate wherever you are.

Get Control of Your Email

Business owners can get inundated by email. Although much of it consists of spam, some email messages have relevance to your business. Stop wasting time wading through hundreds of email messages in your inbox. Instead, set up folders and filters that will automatically sort through your mail. You can have your inbox save messages that matter to you and relegate others to separate folders or designate them as spam.

Organize Your Notes

Get control over your notes, to-do lists, screenshots, reading lists, and other bits of information by using an online organizing tool such as Evernote. You can create separate notebooks for different topics, tag your notes, and attach files, web pages, and links for future reference. A search tool helps you quickly find your notes when you need to access them.

Get Tax Advice

Stop worrying about how to comply with all the tax rules that apply to your business. Meet with a tax attorney and a CPA to get your company properly organized and find out what records you must keep and when you can throw them away. When you get professional tax advice, you can have everything ready when the time comes to file your tax returns.

As a busy owner, you can save time and money by getting your business organized. When you do, you know exactly where to find needed information so you can quickly finish tasks and complete projects. The tips listed above provide a starting point that will get you focused on working faster and smarter with an efficient organization.



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