Six Master’s Degrees for Making a Splash in the Business World

Six Master’s Degrees for Making a Splash in the Business World


Obtaining any of these six ultra-useful master’s degrees helps you navigate in the turbulent waters of commerce more easily. So consider exploring some new subjects for fun and profit.

1. Chart a Path to Gold: Financial Analyst $54,400+/yr.

Obtain a master’s degree in banking or finance to become a successful money market analyst. You won’t just help steer your employer’s ship towards treasure, you’ll likely receive a great compensation package for your family in the process (unless you encounter a pirate, or two).

2. Scuba into Deep Waters: Business Psychology $56,794+/yr.

If you’ve longed to plumb the depths of underlying consumer motivations, then a master’s in business psychology may lie in your future. You’ll study the mechanisms that prompt shoppers to purchase attractively packaged tuna lining supermarket aisles or vote for aspiring presidential candidates seeking to land their support.

3. Calmer Seas Ahead: Public Relations $40,810+/yr.

A master’s degree in public relations enables you to help rescue individuals (or companies) from virtual tsunamis sometimes. You’ll help ensure that your celebrity clients enjoy happy sailing even if media sharks detect blood in the water and begin attacking them viciously. A talented public relations professional can help quiet the tough ocean gales that sink ships.

4. Ahoy, there! Media Communications $40,000+/yr.

Do you long to help formulate messages or shape waves of public opinion? A masters in media communications helps you deliver targeted responses to corporate broadsides.

5. Run a High Tech Craft: Information Technology Management $68,000+/yr.

A masters in information technology management helps boost many careers. You won’t find yourself adrift long with one of these useful degrees. Help companies manage and manipulate raw data to discover new commercial currents.

6. Captain Your Ship: Business Administration $80,000+/yr.

If you’ve considered launching your own startup, or working as a well-paid CEO or boardroom executive, then obtaining a master’s of business administration remains a savvy strategy. You’ll enjoy the ability to make executive decisions in no time at all.

Smooth Sailing Ahead

No one guarantees success in the business world. However, by taking the time and investing the energy required to earn any of these academic credentials, you’ll give yourself a more secure "port in the storm". Fall back on these skills to avoid choppy conditions as you sail into a great business career!



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