4 Best Degrees for Becoming an Entrepreneur

4 Best Degrees for Becoming an Entrepreneur
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    In the history of American entrepreneurship, many stories have been spun around the few dozen entrepreneurs who found major business success without a college degree.


While this makes for entertaining and inspiring reading, most business owners agree that they have their education to credit for a substantial portion of their achievements. With this in mind, here are four degrees that entrepreneurs can take advantage of.

Master of Business Administration

In the enterprise world, MBAs are not just degrees: they are the basis of an international business fellowship. A major reason entrepreneurs tend to favor MBA degrees is that they are widely available online, which gives one an opportunity to study without having to abandon other projects. Another reason entrepreneurs flock to this degree is because employers like them as well, which means that job opportunities are still open should a business venture stall.


At some point in their lives, entrepreneurs have to establish communications with partners, regulators, investors, clients, customers, and the media. Efficient communications involves a certain understanding of how people assimilate information, which is a major focus of most communications curricula. Not only do students learn the art of the written word, but they understand the nuances of clear communication and expressing ideas. A communications major will also learn critical thinking skills that can translate to virtually any scenario. You may also be surprised at how many different industries a communications major can flourish in.


A significant part of programs deals with marketing topics, and a very substantial portion of a comprehensive marketing curriculum will deal with a variety of business topics. Many business leaders believe that there is a great value in pursuing MBA degrees that have a strong focus on marketing, and the reason for this is that advertising experts are usually the most keen observers of business and enterprise. Entrepreneurs who are well-versed in the field of marketing are often successful in promoting their business projects.

Information Technology

Within the growing IT field, entrepreneur-minded students may have a hard time deciding on what degree they should pursue, and they are not the only ones who must face this dilemma. University administrators and education officials are often at odds with regard to the type of IT degree programs they should offer to students. Database administration and programming are heavily sought after degree programs for those who are looking to get jobs quickly out of college, but many business-minded students choose computer science because it allows them to view the enterprise world from a technological point of view.

In the end, entrepreneurs who choose to pursue one of the degrees listed above will not be disappointed by what they learn in college, but it is important for them to select a program they will enjoy.

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