Using Technology to Increase your Earning Potential and Live your Dreams

Using Technology to Increase your Earning Potential and Live your Dreams
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    When you know how to use technology, it can improve your life and career.

    Your lifetime earnings are directly related to how well you understand and are able to use technology in your career.


Promotions and other work advancements require you to have a sound understanding of basic computing principles to achieve the goals required in a modern office.

Earn New Certifications

Employers are always looking for highly qualified employees. If you have an interest in computing, there is likely a certification available to match that interest. People who have more certifications can command higher pay and better compensation for their services. USA Today notes that a simple certification can raise your potential income from $5,000 to $20,000 per year. Your employer expects that you know how to use a computer, but you can greatly improve your earnings by proving your knowledge and becoming officially certified.

Learn another Language

Knowing how to speak another language can increase your earning potential by an average of two percent. Speaking German can increase your pay scale by almost four percent. Using programs to help you learn and refine your language skills can be a good use of your spare time. Learning a language also improves your ability to make decisions and makes you more accepting of other thoughts and opinions. These are all positive qualities to have as an employee.

Go Back to School

Additional education can help you increase your income. An online masters of business administration degree can help you achieve your goals, which helps you feel more accomplished. Learning to think critically and make knowledgeable decisions helps you become a respected leader. An online school is typically more budget-friendly than a traditional campus school, and you’ll still get a high-quality education while working toward your dreams. Any degree can help improve your overall marketability in the job market, but an MBA is best-suited for those who want degrees in business.

Create a Professional Website

It doesn’t take much time, but if you start a professional website you can begin to make a name for yourself in your industry. If you ever find yourself looking for work, your website will serve as a form of self-promotion. It shows you’re dedicated to your job, and it can also help you forge connections and network. While websites like LinkedIn are effective, your own personal website shows you take yourself seriously.

There are many options for people who want to get ahead and increase their earning potential. Living your dreams is possible by incorporating technology into your job and continually developing your technical skills.



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