5 Fantastic Ways to Create a Better, Safer Business

5 Fantastic Ways to Create a Better, Safer Business
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    Companies are in business to meet sales and profit objectives and satisfy shareholders.

    But while you're doing what's best for the company, you must also make sure your real assets, your employees, stay healthy and happy to ensure your continued success.


After all, they’re the ones who are helping you meet your goals. Following are five fantastic ways to create a better and safer business environment.

Provide a Workable Environment

Even though you are limited on space, you can create quieter, well-illuminated office cubicles for your employees. It shows respect for your employees and can enhance their productivity, according to U.S. News & World Report. Keep the aisles and shelves clutter-free, which prevents accidents and promotes safety.

Maintain a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Hire a cleaning crew to empty the trash, sweep the floors and clean the bathrooms each night. This encourages employees to keep their desks clear. When paper and debris accumulate, they can create fire hazards, especially near hot laptops and electrical wires. Regular cleaning sanitizes bathrooms, preventing germs from spreading and making employees sick. Add sanitizers in the building to further prevent the transfer of germs between employees.

Promote Safety Rules

A list of safety rules is especially crucial in restaurants and retail establishments, where employees lift heavy items and use sharp implements. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, publishes data sheets that must be adhered to in these types of establishments. Professionals, like those at Clearfield and Kofsky, know that after being hurt on the job, you may need to apply for disability benefits. In offices, make safety a part of your training. It will keep your business safer and prevent employees from getting hurt on the job.

Encourage Periodic Breaks

Employees can develop stiff necks and backs and even carpal tunnel syndrome through repetitive movements, especially when sitting at computer stations. Encourage workers to take breaks so they can stretch their muscles and joints and relieve aches and pains. Tendinitis and bursitis, which are inflammatory conditions in the tendons and joints, respectively, are two of the most common injuries due to repetitive motion, according to WebMD.

Keep Parking Lots Lit

In the winter, most employees will travel home in the dark. Therefore, make sure you keep up with the maintenance and replacement of parking lot lights and bulbs. This prevents injuries from occurring because of darkness. Lighting also deters crime if your office is located in a bad section of town.

Never neglect your workers when trying to achieve your financial goals. Keep them safe and happy and your business will thrive regardless.



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