Responsible HR – Learn How to Support Your Employees

Responsible HR – Learn How to Support Your Employees
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    Supporting employees in their role within the company ranks near the top of HR responsibilities, surpassing the stereotypical roles of hiring and terminating staff.


Your HR practices directly affect employee productivity and morale which in turn influence employee satisfaction and influence turnover rates. Learn how to support your team using the following tips.

Proper Selection

Employee support begins by identifying and hiring appropriate candidates for the positions you need to fill. When your team members have the right qualifications and fit well in your organization, they have a better chance of success than poorly-matched workers who lack the skills and experience needed to support your company’s mission.

Employee selection begins with an organizational strategy that includes forecasting and planning as well as the analysis and design of work within your business. Such a solid foundation will guide your recruiting efforts in ways that will optimize your organizational performance.

Personal Struggles

Responsible HR values employees as individuals, not just as tools used to perform tasks. Every team member has a personal life outside of their job that has inevitable ups and downs. Support your employees by providing programs and tools that help your staff gain the most from their positive life experiences and minimize the effects of their problems. Professionals, like a Salt Lake disability lawyer, knows that being supported by your employer is important. Other things, like support for continuing education and career development promotes employee engagement and provides optimism for the future that will motivate workers to perform well. Family-friendly policies such as flexible work schedules can help relieve stress while allowing your employees to feel fulfilled with their family and personal life.

Experiencing personal crises can cause your team members to become disengaged from their work and increase workplace stress. Responsible HR requires that you support your employees as they encounter financial and family problems, deaths of loved ones and personal loss. For example, you can provide information about social security disability to your employees who either have become disabled or who have family members with disabilities.

Performance Recognition

Operating a high-performance work system requires that you have the best people using appropriate technology within your organization to optimize the use of its resources and achieve company goals. You must have responsible HR policies in place to incentivize and reward employees who perform well. Incentive pay programs such as piecework rates and standard hour plans can supplement merit pay and bonuses to encourage your employees to strive for excellence. Implement group incentives such as gain sharing and team awards to promote collaboration.

Responsible HR begins with the recognition of your employees as valuable human beings who play a vital role in the success of your company. Start by hiring only people who have the appropriate skills and knowledge to perform the work within your organization. Support your employees during their good and bad times and reward them for a job well done.



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