Want to See Success in the Workplace? Give Your Employees Incentives

Want to See Success in the Workplace? Give Your Employees Incentives
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    Running a successful business rarely comes without a handful of challenges and often times it is directly related to your employees.

    Every employer knows that employees are the life or death of a company and there are many things to consider to keep the “ship running smoothly”.


The success of your business relies heavily on productivity and productivity relies on your employees. If your employees are unhappy, unhealthy, and unsafe, your productivity will suffer. Here are a few tips to be successful and to make sure your employees are happy and healthy:

Don’t Cut Corners on Employee Pay

If you want to see success (and continued success) it’s crucial to be smart about your spending. While many business owners seek ways to cut costs, do not make cuts in pay or benefits. If you make financial cuts that will directly affect the livelihood and health of your employees, you will either encounter employees who will perform poorly or you will be struggling to find employees who will work for you. If anything, offer benefits (if you haven’t already) and consider bonuses of some kind.

Change Up the Work Day

Some companies find success by allowing their employees to work from home every now and then or to offer pay for a whole day, but only require half day of work. While these ideas may not be ideal or even feasible for every company, they are incentives to keep employees working hard.

Seek Talent From Within

A sign of a successful business is when you need more help. Before you take out an ad in the classifieds, look for talent within your existing group of employees. Do some show interest or promise in advancing in the company? While hiring from within isn’t always the best option, consider it first, before new outside hires. These types of opportunities may motivate your employees, especially the ones that are qualified and interested, to work hard to be noticed.

Value Feedback

Many employers say that they value feedback, but when a legitimate concern is addressed it is often ignored. For example, if you run a high risk business, such as a manufacturing plant and an employee is concerned about her safety or feels like there are no safety plans in place and you fail to address or fix the problem, your job just got a lot harder. Bottom line, if your employees feel as if their voices are not heard they will take short cuts, engage in negative workplace habits (that will be hard to break), and your productivity and morale will plummet. Additionally, your reputation as a business owner will also suffer. Once a team has decided to they don’t matter, it takes a lot of work and money to instill trust again.

Showing Your Thanks

Saying “thanks” and meaning it can go a long way. Research has shown that public recognition in the workplace can be a good thing. Consider an employee of the month or have a monthly luncheon for all of your employees. Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and attempt to create a team that cares about one another. The more that someone feels appreciated or has a purpose/role, the more likely that he or she will work harder without taking expensive or unsafe shortcuts. Similarly, understand that work is not everything for everyone. Taking an interest in the lives of your employees doesn’t have to cost you a thing. While many employers struggle to find the balance between boss and friend, there’s a way to do it without compromising company rules.



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