Going Online: How to Establish an Online Storefront and Generate Sales Right Away

Going Online: How to Establish an Online Storefront and Generate Sales Right Away
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    Setting up an ecommerce store is more important than ever, even when you are a manufacturing company dealing with B2B customers.


People, including purchasing officers at larger companies, are now searching for products and services online almost every time they want to buy something, which is why over 80% of internet traffic coming to online stores and ecommerce platforms is coming from search engines. Not having a well-maintained online store means missing out on millions of potential customers.

Fortunately, establishing an online storefront and generating the first sale – and more after that – is easy. Here are some of the tips to keep in mind when you’re taking your business online.

Use a Mature Platform

There is no need to develop your own ecommerce solution just so you can display products and services. Today’s most mature platforms are more than capable of handling different types of businesses, products and services. Using a platform that has been used by thousands of other online stores has its own benefits.

For starters, you don’t need to spend a lot of time and money maintaining the platform. CMS platforms such as Magento and WordPress already have vast developer communities and support from multiple parties. There are even companies who offer premium support for these ecommerce platforms.

Second of all, there is no shortage of plugins and modules to use. When you need to integrate credit card payment processing from www.highriskpay.com to a WordPress WooCommerce online store, for example, you can simply install a plugin.

Provide Plenty of Information

An online store is more than just a website designed to sell products and services. It is still part of your company’s online identity, providing users with valuable information about your products and services. Adding plenty of information, equipping product pages with high quality pictures and having other sections to support the ecommerce site are all very important.

The other sections I am talking about can be anything from a Blog section to a dedicated video page, filled with videos on how to use and maximize the products and services you’re offering. These additional pages will help with content marketing – and internet marketing in general. They are the reason why visitors come to your online store or website, even when they are not looking to make a purchase immediately.

Focus on User Experience

The best way to make your first sale as quickly as possible is by providing the best user experience. There are several sure-fire ways to do this too. You can start by making the entire product catalogue easy to browse through. Next, make sure customers can make a purchase in no more than 3 steps. The simpler the checkout process, the more chance you have of closing the sale.

Last but not least, promote the online store. Setting up a professional online store is just the first step. The next step to take is promoting your new online storefront and attracting customers. You’ll be surprised by how quickly you can generate a sale – and how fast you can generate more subsequent sales – online.



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