Consumer Mind: What Customers Really Want From Your Business

Consumer Mind: What Customers Really Want From Your Business
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    When you think of your business, you might try to figure out what customers want from you.

    They might want to see more advertising, or they might want more discounts.


There are a few ways that you can pay attention to customers while they are in your business to see if you can tell what they are looking for at the time and what they might want in the future. If you know what to offer, then you can begin to make money instead of spending it on things that don’t work with customers.

Something New

Customers want to see new products. If you order wholesale, try to look for different colors and designs so that customers have something to choose from when they are in the store. Also, consider expanding your product line to offer a large selection of products instead of the typical items that customers would expect to find in the store. Look at what other stores are selling in the area, and offer something that is completely different so that you stand out from the competition.

Research What They Want

Customer feedback is a helpful tool when it comes to looking at what customers want from customer service and the overall design in stores. There are many survey and online platforms you can use to accomplish this. You could also set up a suggestion box so that customers can give their own ideas as to what they want to see.


Customers don’t want to walk into a store to greet an owner who doesn’t know anything about the products that are offered or who doesn’t understand how to communicate with customers. You need to show the confidence that you know your business. If customers don’t feel like they can talk to you or that you’re simply there to make money, then they won’t want to shop. It’s almost impossible to sell something if you don’t know how it works or if you aren’t confident in the product yourself.

Listening Skills

Your customers want you to listen to what they want and how they feel about your service. Instead of simply looking at the customer and pretending to hear a few words of what’s said, really listen to how customers feel. Avoid interrupting the conversation, and restate some of the information that the customer has given to you to show that you were paying attention. If possible, turn off anything that would make noise that is directly around you so that you can better understand what is being said.

What If Something Is Wrong

After a customer gets a product home, something could go wrong. Your customers need to know how you will remedy any potential problems before they get home so that they know that they can come back to you if there is an issue. Make a sign that gives a return policy as well as a number to call if there are any issues that you can’t handle yourself. This will show that you care about the customer and that you are willing to make any problem right so that you keep the business of everyone who makes a purchase.

Build Relationships

Try to develop a relationship with your customers. Ask about their day or their family. If they feel that they can talk to you when they enter the store, then they will feel a bit more comfortable when it comes to shopping.

Your business is likely your livelihood. It’s a way to support your family. If you don’t offer what customers want, then you’re setting yourself up for failure. Pay attention to their needs and desires, offering what they want instead of only what you want to sell.



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