First 5 Steps New Employees Need to Take in the Business World

First 5 Steps New Employees Need to Take in the Business World
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    In today's competitive business world, fostering human capital has become an important prerequisite for success.

    To this effect, new employees should be welcomed with a comprehensive orientation program that allows them to get a true feel for the corporate culture they are about to join.


Simply handing out a workplace handbook and requiring new workers to sign a ream of paperwork is not conducive to adequate employment conditions. New employees joining corporate America in the 21st Century need to go through the following five steps at a minimum:

Meeting the Big Boss

Whatever the corporate structure of the company, each new hire should be allowed to have a personal meeting with the CEO, president, director, or owner of the company. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, meeting the principal of the company in person can be an inspirational experience, particularly if the meeting includes a short discussion about the vision and values of the company.

Safety and Ethics Training

The first step of the company safety briefing should be to collect the emergency contacts of the new employee. Next, evacuation routes and emergency procedures should be reviewed followed by any special health policies. Ethics training should take place early during the orientation process, and it should be delivered in a manner that does not leave room for ambiguity.

Corporate Security Training

What most companies probably don’t realize is that new employees want security awareness training. They are excited about the opportunity to work and want to make sure that they do the job right. Therefore, it is in their best interest and the companies’ to train them in how to properly handle the confidential and sensitive data that they might be given responsibility over. If the new employee is joining the IT department, this training should focus on the attack surface, vectors, known threats, and mitigation. However, even if your employee doesn’t have the most technical position, it is just as important. Doing so will foster a sense of loyalty to the company in them that will help strengthen and secure the business even more.


Gone are the days when new employees were hired strictly as technicians, specialists, managers, or coordinators. The new corporate America demands well-rounded workers who can multitask and handle various duties. These employees are not born, they are fostered by means of cross-training. Cross-training has been a very successful strategy in the United States Armed Forces, and it can work wonders in the corporate world.

Organizational Training and Corporate Image

Fortune 500 companies (and really all businesses) should keep in mind that their employees have the potential to become powerful brand ambassadors. New hires should attend training sessions that delve into the history of the company as well as how it is supposed to balance the expectations of shareholders, clients, customers, and the community.

The five steps listed herein are essential for welcoming new employees and for reducing the likelihood of turnover. To ensure a smooth assimilation into company culture, the orientation should always be conducted in a positive manner.



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