4 Ways Your Business Could Be Advertising But Isn’t

4 Ways Your Business Could Be Advertising But Isn’t
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    In any business, it's important to attract customers and present them with your products and services.

    To this end, businesses must advertise themselves in as many different ways as possible.


Many companies, however, fail to capitalize on the plethora of advertising and marketing opportunities that exist today. Here are the top four advertising channels your business is probably missing out on.

Social Media Giveaways

By now, most businesses are using at least basic social media advertising, but there are many different ways to market yourself on social media platforms. One of the best of these is to run giveaways on your products in exchange for post sharing. Of course, you’ll want to have the public engaged in sharing your brand and product on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Because each of these social media forums interacts differently with their audiences, you’ll probably want to set up a different drawing or contest system per outlet. This way, your contesters are even more engaged and are lured by the idea of having more chances of winning.

Basically, how it should go is that every person who shares your social media posts on each outlet should be entered in a drawing for a chance to win the product you’re giving away. As was referenced above, though, you may need to modify the contest’s requirements depending on the outlet you’ll be using. For Instagram, for example, you may want to have it be so that each participant tags 2 friends, likes the photo and tags the company or product in one of their posts. This will help you to reach a larger audience and encourage engagement from the one that you already have.

Upgraded Packaging

One element of advertising your business involves making sure that customers pick your product over another company’s. For this aspect of marketing, product packaging is the business owner’s best friend. Although it’s not what draws your customers to the product itself, it’s another way of continuing that advertising past the point of sale.

That is why you should use a service, such as Associate Paper & Supply, that can incorporate your logo and customized colors to help make your packaging stand out. That way when the packaging arrives, your company’s brand and everything it is about is right there in front of the customer before it is even opened and the product revealed. Plus, opening up the package could also become like opening up a present to them, increasing the excitement that your customers get when it arrives.

Viral Video Marketing

Most companies already know about video marketing, but far too many approach it like traditional television ads. If you want to see the maximum results with your video marketing campaign, try to present your products or services in an entertaining or informative way that emphasizes the "wow" factor about whatever you offer. Modern audiences don’t much care for such traditional video ads, but they will respond well to videos that strike a more casual and entertaining tone.

Brand Building

Another key part of advertising your business is to build your brand separately from your products. This means establishing a brand reputation that will make customers want to purchase from you over your competition. Good ways to do this include highlighting any charitable or social contributions your company makes and hosting events to boost your visibility. As the business owner, you can also build your personal brand, which will transfer over into your company’s brand.

Marketing your business in every possible way is critical to achieving optimized growth and success. Take every opportunity to promote your business, and you’ll begin to see the results that can come with multi-channel marketing efforts.



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