Employee Empathy: 4 Smarter Ways To Make Your Business Renovation Easier

Employee Empathy: 4 Smarter Ways To Make Your Business Renovation Easier
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    Renovating your business is an exciting way to enhance your professional image while clearing the clutter so you can enjoy fresh, clean surroundings.

    A tidy, well-organized workspace often improves employee productivity.


Safety issues stemming from dangling cords or stacked crates can be addressed. Employees will appreciate your efforts to make the jobsite more attractive and functional. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you plan your renovation.

Protect Employee Work Areas

A qualified renovation company will ensure that work areas not currently under construction will be adequately covered and protected against noise and debris. Place everything of value in secured areas for safety. Don’t assume the renovation workers will be able to move things around for you, unless that is included in the contract terms. If possible, set up sound panels or close off construction areas to keep the noise level down.

Organize The Renovation Work

Plan your renovation project in advance to give everyone in the company time to prepare. Equipment, furnishings, and records may need to be moved or locked up temporarily. Short-term workspace can be arranged so that employees can continue doing their jobs without interruption. Consider staging the construction process to disrupt people’s work incrementally.

Remove Debris And Trash

Although the construction company or renovation team will generally be responsible for removing debris and residual building materials like wall board and wood shavings, you may want to rent one or more skip bins as receptacles for large amounts of trash and debris. Companies like Green Bin provide bins of all sizes for various renovation and construction needs, or even for de-cluttering a home’s shed or garage. Having a bin readily available will help to keep the renovation process orderly and neat.

Use Effective Safety Gear

Although considered to be cumbersome and unnecessary by some, everyone who will be working near or in the designated renovation area should be expected to wear protective safety gear, such as hard hats, as protection against worksite accidents and injuries. Adequate signage should be posted to warn employees against entering construction areas without proper protective gear.

Renovating your company can improve morale and excite customers who are eager to see the upgrades. Following tips like those above can help to minimize the risk of accidents and reduce clean-up time at each stage of constructive renovation. Thoughtful planning in advance and preparations during the project can yield desired results.



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