Business Confidential: Top Ways to Increase Your Company’s Security

Business Confidential: Top Ways to Increase Your Company’s Security
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    With all the focus on cyber security today, some business owners tend to forget that physical security is every bit as important.

    Thieves, vandals, and disgruntled former employees could do considerable damage to physical assets and threaten the safety of your workers and visitors.


More than 55 percent of domestic violence occurs in the workplace.

Here are some of the top security measures for protecting your business:

Limited Entry Points

Although many companies will have multiple points of entry, make sure only the main front entry is accessible to visitors. Use security fences and gates to restrict access elsewhere. Make the front door as secure as possible with cameras, lighting, security glass, and automatic locking mechanisms. Side doors should be of steel construction and kept locked. All doors should be outfitted with keypad or magnetic card access instead of standard locks.

Do Maintenance and Security Checks

Periodically put new passcodes in place and issue new keycards to employees. Have alarm systems, cameras, and locks installed by reputable professionals. From time to time you’ll want to check to see that all locks, cameras, and alerts are functioning as intended, and that nothing has been tampered with or shows signs of attempted forced entry. Contract with a local security company to do random drive-throughs or checks. This alone can discourage many criminals.

Keep a Visitor Log

Require all visitors to log in at the front desk, including name, time, reason for visit, and company or contact information. Implement a digital log system, as paper records can be damaged or written illegibly. Be sure there’s a camera to capture the visitor’s image, and ask for ID if necessary. Don’t let anyone, even familiar faces, go past the lobby unless accompanied by a trusted employee. Have an emergency switch to alert police in case a violent scenario unfolds.

Put Up Fences and Gates

Quality chain link fences are one of the best ways to deter intruders. If possible, keep the entire perimeter of the property fenced. Add additional cross-fences to direct visitor traffic directly to specific parking areas, or deliveries straight to the loading dock. Install a vehicle-resistant main gate, and ensure that it’s locked and secured after-hours. Check with a respected local fence company, like Diamond Fence, to ask about custom designs or advanced security components.

The safety of your building and employees should never be left to chance. Reduce your risks with both technology and dependable fences that keep criminals out altogether.



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