4 Creative Ways to Use Your Merchandise Packaging for Powerful Marketing

4 Creative Ways to Use Your Merchandise Packaging for Powerful Marketing
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    Clever packaging does more than just help customers identify your brand.

    If done right, it functions as an important aspect of your marketing campaign.


If you’re trying to create a standout marketing package for your company, here are four ideas that will give your marketing materials the “Wow!” factor.

1. Use Clever Materials

When it came time for a new look for the fruit-flavored Smirnoff Caipiroska, designers didn’t just add some pictures of said fruits. Instead, the designers created packaging that resembled the peels of those fruits. To open the bottle for the first time, the consumer literally has to peel away the packaging. (It’s a little like peeling a vodka orange). You can bet that consumers remember this packaging.

2. Don’t Forget the Inside

Often when designers create a design for a box or a bag, only the outside of the package gets the star treatment. However, the Canva website tells designers to make use of all the free real estate in a package. A box can be opened to reveal a cool set of instructions that fit the visual branding of the product. The same idea goes for an insert. The outside of the box can offer a simple design, whereas the inside can be a little more ornate (or vice versa).

3. Creating Custom Packaging

Just because your business is small in size doesn’t mean that you can’t have your own branded packaging. Companies like Packlane allow you to create your own branded box. This puts you on equal footing with some of the bigger players in the industry.

Don’t underestimate the potential impact of sharply designed packaging. The package is the first thing a customer will see, and if you spend a little extra effort and money into this aspect, you give the impression that your company pays attention to the little details, which means you probably do the same for your actual products themselves.

4. Branded Clothing

Consider businesses like The Hard Rock Cafe. Here’s an establishment that is as famous, if not more famous, for its branded merchandise as it is for its food and drink. Given the ease with which branded clothing can be created these days, there is no reason why you can’t put your company’s brands on T-shirts, shoes, and other items. Branded clothing makes your clients remember you. It also makes these same clients into walking billboards for you. You can also add an extra cool factor by making interesting boxes for your items in the vein of Joe Boxer and other like brands.

Branded merchandise functions as an extra bit of advertising for your company. When you’re creating a merchandising campaign, you have numerous options, from creating brand-specific boxes to using interesting materials to create your packaging. These types of items help people have an instant reaction to your brand that they won’t forget.



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