The Essential Factors for Industrial Crating & Packaging

The Essential Factors for Industrial Crating & Packaging
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    Industries manufacture products and then send those to be sold in various shops.

    For these transportations, the most crucial factor is the industrial crating and packaging.


Especially for transportation of fragile articles, sturdy and protective industrial crating and packaging that can safeguard the articles from the jerks and ups and downs faced during transportation, is a must.

This is the reason industrial crating and packaging business is blooming greatly up to the extent that nowadays, industrial crating and packaging itself if a product. Just like all the other items, crating material has to be manufactured and assembled.

There are 3 types of industrial crating and packaging:

  • Primary:
    This is the basic packaging of the item that the customer takes home.
  • Secondary:
    This is the packaging that is used to group several similar items together – that is the packaging around the primary packaging.
  • Tertiary:
    This is the outer crating and packaging used for transport and warehouse storage.

Choosing the right industrial crating & packaging is extremely vital for the success of the product. If the product is damaged even before reaching the store shelves, how would it end up in a customer’s shopping bag?

Here are several factors that govern the selection of industrial crating and packaging. So, if you are looking for one for your products, you need to keep them all in mind:

  • The type of product:

    The kind of crating and packaging needed for each type of product would vary to a great extent. You cannot just choose a packaging based on conjecture. Wrongly chosen type of packaging can damage the product while transit and the loss suffered in that would be completely on you.

    For example, you need hygienic type of industrial crating and packaging if the product to be packed is a food or a beverage item and if the product is a fragile one, you would need a protective padding type of packaging to prevent any damages to the product. The packaging has to essentially be strong enough to sustain extra stress and strain without damaging the product inside.

  • The material:

    Materials used for industrial crating & packaging are an important factor. The packaging material depends on the type of the product you are packing. Also, the packaging materials need to be flexible enough to be modified for new products and variants. The most common packaging material is paper and board.

    Other alternatives are plastic, metal, glass, wood, and several other materials. Plastics have started taking over the place of boards up to a large extent recently. All these materials vary in quality and strength. For example, you use metal or plastic packaging for edible products and glass packaging for chemically reactive products. Also, materials should be so selected that it makes stacking and transportation easy.

  • The safety of the product:

    For maintaining the brand name, how the product is stored and distributed is as important as the product itself. The key point is that the packaging should be sustainable to the effects of weather. Considering the atmosphere of your area, industrial crating and packaging needs to with stand the effects of extreme of temperature, moisture, vibration, dust, rain, storms, and other conditions. Ensure the packing has the right labelling and coding that gives the package handling information. Factors to consider for product safety are shelf life, resiliency, and compliance of the packaging.

Apart from all these factors, ensure that the industrial crating and packaging that you are using for transportation of your product is recyclable as well as reusable. This would save you a lot of money used for packaging and crating. While optimising your product packaging just do not think of the present. Keep in mind how the future trends may change and also, see how much a packaging can be reused.



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