3 Important Tips: How to Select Best Suppliers for Your Forklift Wheels

3 Important Tips: How to Select Best Suppliers for Your Forklift Wheels
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    Buying a forklift is an expensive investment and should be treated as such.

    A forklift has various functions within the warehouse or factory setting, but the tires are the key element in deciding how well they can get around.


A lot of insight and research is needed when considering finding the right forklift wheel suppliers to buy the most productive, cost effective wheels. You will need to do your homework and ask the experts for advice. There are various types of forklift tires but the most common are the solid or pneumatic ones. Each wheel has a different compound, tread and ply rating which helps you the wheel that will best suit the application.

Knowing what kind of wheels your forklift requires can help you keep your machine in good shape and reduce the wear and tear on the transmission. Safety is another factor which is significantly improved as is fuel efficiency. There are various types of tires for different kinds of forklifts such as a three-wheel or four-wheel machine, electric or gas fueled, and each need specific types of wheels for the optimum operations.

Read further to get the 3 key tips in choosing the best suppliers for your forklift wheels.

Choosing the Right Tire

The first key tip is to do thorough research on your part and take proper consultation of your forklift wheel supplier. There are two ways to fit forklift tires: press on or standard. Press on tires are straightforward to fit but they are reasonably less durable when it comes to a more difficult terrain.

The fitting of standard tires is similar to that of car tires. Forklift wheels shall be decided after calculating the requirement load on each wheel. There are some basic forklift tires in the market today.

  • Pneumatic wheels- These work best for 4-wheel forklifts as they require a large area in which to turn around in, unlike zero radius machines that are meant for tight spaces. On the plus side, these tires can accommodate big load capacity and is best for using for rough or uneven surfaces.
  • Polyurethane wheels- These are generally used for indoor forklifts. They are normally pressed onto the wheels and it gives you a superior turning radius. These are best used for light duty work and can be used on electric forklifts.
  • Solid tires/Puncture Proof- the most common tire out of all. It is not filled with air, but is completely made of rubber. These work best for lighter forklifts.

Consider the type of warehouse you have

For a shiny polished or newly concreted floors where you do not want to mark up the surfaces, there are non-marking tires are also available. But the downside is their low life expectancy. You can get all these types of tires but you would need a consultation with the suppliers of your forklift wheel. You would need to choose the best suppliers of forklift wheels to get your desired tires.

Pneumatic wheels are meant for rugged outdoor use and it will take more abuse and therefore need more maintenance. Thus, you need to match the right tire with your forklift to ensure you get an extended life out of it.

Fuel efficiency of each tire is different

As each forklift machine is different, the types of tires used also varies. Therefore, each wheel delivers different levels of power and energy consumption. Using the right kind of forklift wheel for your forklift model will dramatically reduce the fuel consumption and management costs. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right supplier who will keep the area the forklift will be used in, its working surface on daily basis. If you have an electric forklift, the right tire will encourage an extended life of the batteries and boost production levels on daily basis!



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