An Insight Into Threaded Rods

An Insight Into Threaded Rods
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    A threaded rod also known as a stud is a long rod which is twisted or threaded on both the ends.

    Threaded rod is a fastening bar threaded along its length.


The direction of the thread is a consideration, as it can be right hand left hand or both right and left hand threaded rod.

Left handed threaded rods are not so common and are used only during the motor vibration. The right handed rods are configured in such a fashion that the clockwise rotation tightens the rod to a fastener. When the thread direction is not specified, it is right threaded by default.

 The Threaded Rods Can Be Made from A Variety of Materials-

  • Stainless steel rods are the most commonly used rods. Steel may include carbon steel, alloy steel or hardened steel. Steel is iron that contains carbon in any amount as an alloying constituent. There are many uses of stainless steel threaded rods. These are used in construction of small and large projects. These threaded rods are essential so that screws and other fasteners can be bolted or screwed.
  • Silicon bronze is another common material for threaded rods.
  • Aluminium threaded rods are the most commonly used because they are light in weight. Moreover, they are more durable also.
  • Brass threaded rods are also used commonly as they resist corrosion. They have excellent high temperature ductility. They are strong but normally used in the items that change temperature frequently.
  • Aluminium is bluish silver white with good thermal and electrical connectivity. These threaded rods have resistance to oxidation.
  • Copper is a reddish metallic element and is a good conductor of electricity.
  • Titanium is strong and suitable for medical applications. It is so light in weight that is used for aerospace. When added with the steel rods, titanium can bring resistance and strength to the threaded rods.
  • Non metallic threaded rods can be made of-
  • Plastic
  • Nylon
  • Fibre
  • Fibre reinforced plastic
  • Synthetic rubber
  •  There is a question as to whether to use a fine or a coarse threading. With brittle materials, it is always better to use a coarse thread as it is easy to thread and un- thread. Fine threads are used with harder and more durable materials. The use of stainless steel is very intricate depending upon the application and project.

These Threaded Rods or More Popularly Called as The Studs Are Available in The Shapes-

  • Fully threaded stud bolts
  • Tap end stud bolts
  • Double End Stud Bolts

All these threaded rods have different applications. The fully threaded rod is basically used for full engagements of nuts as they have full body coverage. Tap end studs have threads in the extreme end of the body which are unequal at the ends. Double end threaded rods have threads which have equal length at the end. The dual thread style is used for tum buckles specially. 

All threaded rods also known as fully threaded rods, commonly referred as ATR was used for general purpose of fastening. A variety of grades and material are available in all threaded rod.

 A b7 threaded rod is used where cleanliness and attractiveness is needed. Used mainly in the plumbing areas where high strength to weight ratio is needed. There are many manufacturers who deal specially in good quality rods and associated products particularly industrial and other needs. They carry an extensive rods and bolts for all kinds of applications including industrial, domestic and commercial. There are companies who offer custom rods and stud manufacturing service. They also keep a diverse line of rod and stud size ready so you have a chance to purchase directly what you need from the market.



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