The Benefits of Entertaining Big Clients in Your Office

The Benefits of Entertaining Big Clients in Your Office
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    Companies that want to land big contracts with even bigger clients can spend untold amounts of money ‘courting' the powers that be.


You might have your personal assistant do some investigation work to find out what the owner of a company likes to do in his or her free time, enabling you to make the perfect entertainment plans when that executive comes into town.

Some enjoy drinking expensive liquor while other love Broadway shows. Some businesses are installing cinema seating from Seating Concepts in their offices so that they are able to transition from the boardroom to the movie theater without needing to take their clients more than a few doors down the hallway.

In your office theater styled area, you can have gourmet meals served, along with select wines, and offer screenings of films that are guaranteed to keep everyone’s eyes fixed on the projector screen. These in-office entertainment solutions are cheaper than the average, and you can also keep the details of your personal business dealings under lock and key.

You Won’t Run into Competitors

If your intent is to take out a potential new client then you might just run into others in your industry. While plenty of work and innovations are done inside of office settings, major players in finance, manufacturing, engineering, healthcare and other industries also enjoy dining out and going to shows. If you’re working on a top-secret project or are trying to seal the deal on a contract that you don’t want your competitors to know about, consider entertaining your clients in private. Otherwise, you’d likely have to reserve an entire restaurant in order to keep your business dealings completely private, which would be excessively expensive.

Changes Can Be Accommodated Easily

Say that you have made some amazing plans for a client that you hope will be with your company for a while. Maybe you chartered a limousine and have a full itinerary planned out, and then you learn that your client’s flight is delayed. That simple one hour delay could change all of your plans for the evening. If, by contrast, you planned to use your office setting you could make changes a lot more easily.

Your Company Can Entertain Clients Around the Clock

When you take the president of a company out for drinks on the town you have to be mindful of the hours of operation of local bars, restaurants and clubs. In short, few establishments stay open all night long. With that, you might have to worry about getting reservations or generally have to deal with large crowds. Set up a movie to be played at your office instead where everyone can recline in your cinema style seating and drinks can be served by a professional catering service or even one of your employees. This will take the pressure off you meeting with your clients at any particular time as you can open up your offices late or close them early to accommodate big name clients.

Potential clients want to be impressed, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend your entire budget on entertainment. Find ways to keep your clients impressed with your creativity as well as your business skills by entertaining them where you can pull up files and take them on a tour. Investing in a small screening room at your office with cinema seating might just be the ticket for your company.



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